Use My ‘Turn Technique’ To Convert ‘Irrelevant’ Traffic

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  • In this video, I share how to use the ‘Turn Technique’ to convert ‘irrelevant’ traffic.
  • I’ll show you a live example of how Autogrow uses Thrive Leads as tool to implement the Turn Technique on your own sales funnels.

Hey, everyone. Matt here, founder of Autogrow.Co, as you probably already know. And in these short videos, I look to give you one actionable tip that you can apply to your sales funnel to be more successful and more awesome at marketing.

I want to take a quick break from playing this amazing Zelda game called Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’m not a big gamer, but this game is like Zelda plus Grand Theft Auto, and it’s amazing. If you’re into video games at all, definitely check it out.

Let’s talk about the problem that I want to help you address today…

Conversation Rate Low? That’s a Problem

The problem is that you have people coming to your website for all sorts of reasons. They may have found you through search, they may have found you through social media, they may have found you through some other website linking to you, or they may have found you because you’re actually using ads to drive traffic into the top of your funnel.

They’re all coming for different reasons to check out different content, and those different reasons put them in a different state of mind that may not align with the lead magnet. I am referring to the primary lead magnet that you’ve created to actually get people one step deeper into your funnel by getting them onto your email list.

So, how do you deal with this?

You could just accept this knowing your conversion rate is just going to stay stagnated and simply do other things like A/B test. But, what about those people who the lead magnet might not be as relevant to, but could still be interested if you were to frame it a different way?

Let me explain what I mean here.

I’m going pop open Thrive Leads here. Thrive Leads, by the way, is a great tool. Not perfect, but just getting better and better and I appreciate the support that they have behind their product.

In fact, they go into a lot of depth in our premium six-figure sales funnel training program that you can check out. It’s on our website. It’s launching on an evergreen basis, so you have to be on our email list in order to actually get access to it. Once a month, we open the doors for that, if you will. You can go check that out on our products page.

Let’s say that you are a personal trainer and you want to get clients for your personal training services. You have a lot of traffic for whatever reason coming to, for example, an article or a web page that you wrote about diet and the importance of diet. So people are coming and they want to learn about diet, but as a personal trainer, that’s really not your specialty.

You’re looking to work with clients one-on-one in the gym to help them get fit. Well, what are you going to do with this traffic? A very small percentage will convert on that lead magnet that you might have related to getting fit physically and not related to diet.

The solution is to use what I call the Turn Technique.

What’s the Turn Technique?

Think about it in a visual way, because this is what the Turn Technique works to do. If people are coming into your funnel, they are coming to the top. Normally, they would kind of go out in this situation. The Turn Technique works to turn them into your funnel for an offer that is not completely unrelated to the intention, but perhaps complementary to the intention as to why they came to visit the page.

If someone is interested in diet, they’re interested in health in general, and so they could still be interested! A greater percentage would be interested if you frame it the right way with regard to how to get more physically fit. Not necessarily related to diet, right?

So this is how we do it for our business. You can see that we are using Thrive to create pop-ups for our business. We’ve gone one step further and segmented the traffic so they potentially get a different pop-up.

Right now, we’re showing the same pop up to different categories of content that we have on our website. But, because we’ve segmented the pop-ups, you can see the different conversion rates that we get for each.

If someone is reading Matt’s Sales Funnels, they are more likely to convert on our lead magnet offer for our sales funnel checklist, right? That’s why you see a higher conversion rate of 5.6% here, versus for email list building and landing pages, the rate is 1.8%. But, we still get a lot of traffic for these other categories.

For example, let’s say that I want to grow content marketing because this is our lowest one at 1.2%, on average. How would I actually go about doing that? Well, using the Turn Technique, you would change the copy in order to re-frame the lead magnet offer.

For example, right now it says, “Do you want my 11-point perfect sales checklist for free?” For someone coming to learn about how to grow their Facebook likes or how to do content marketing, this offer is not so relevant.

But using the Turn Technique, what I could do is I can change the copy to say something along the lines of…

“Content marketing is really important for growing traffic at the top of your funnel, but it’s only one component. There are ten other essential components, and you can get them for free in my 11-point perfect sales funnel checklist. Click here to go ahead and download it.”

That’s not the perfect wording that I would use, but you get the sense of what I’m talking about.

Grow Your Conversion Rate Now

So, remember the Turn Technique. Think about how you can apply it to your own sales funnel to grow conversions on traffic that you may have thought was irrelevant and not worth optimizing for. But using the Turn Technique, you can grow your conversion rate now.

So think about it and let me know in the comments how you’re going to apply it to your sales funnel. And if you want more Matt Hacks tips like this, we’re recording them on an ongoing basis. We come out with between two to five every week.

Be sure to subscribe. Just pop in your email address directly below this video and I will see you in the next one. And if you have a question that you want me to consider answering in a MattHacks video, by the way, leave a comment or shoot us an email. There’s a form where you can actually pop in your question. We just added it below the video as well on our website.

If you’re watching this on YouTube, the link is also in the description. So until next time, my name is MattHack, in the Matt hat, delivering you your daily dose of MattHacks. Keep hustling. Stay focused.

Want more sales? Download my 11-Point Perfect Sales Funnel Checklist or invest in our new Rocket Content course, which is currently discounted.

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