Top 13 Fonts for Graphic Design & Websites

We all know graphics are striking (and fun to look at!) But, what about fonts?

Think about it…

When someone visits your website, not only do they care about graphics, they also read carefully through the text!

The text is where the reader finds information. So while creating content for your website, landing page, or social media content, this is where fonts come into play.

When choosing a font for your marketing material, it’s important to analyze various fonts.

Consider strategic elements like:

  • Whether font will align with your brand message
  • How the font will play off other visual elements of your website
  • Line height and paragraph spacing
  • Readability of various fonts across relevant platforms and devices

Well-crafted and strategically placed fonts can capture attention, instill emotion, and boost engagement with your brand message.

Amanda knew this when she started her online design agency. She realized the better her fonts, the more traffic her clients received!

And you know what that means? More impressive reviews for Amanda (and money in her pocket!)

Since so many new fonts seem to appear out of nowhere, you’re probably wondering where you should begin. 🕒

We wanted to give you a head start! Here’s a list of 13 of the most popular fonts designers should be using in 2021! 💪

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Trending Font #1: Futura Now

Let’s start with a classic! Futura Now is the definitive version of Futura, which was originally released in 1927.

This sans-serif font defined modern typography when it was first introduced, and now tech developers have converted it to a variable font that can be used almost anywhere! Futura now is considered one of the best fonts for designers.

Best For:

Futura now is considered one of the best fonts for designers and is noteworthy for its versatile design and can be used in just about every industry from manufacturing and publishing to fashion and SaaS.

Futura is a font also used in grand displays, logos, and typefaces for books.


Trending Font #2: Noe Display

Noe Display is a typeface with two distinctive characteristics. First, the strokes are all broad and wedge-shaped rather than round and curved, like other versatile fonts.

It also has clusters of pointed serifs on the ends to create a more dramatic effect!

This font has four weights, which have a hairline weight, much like the stems, as they get thicker from regular to black.

Best For:

Designers tend to use these fonts in various logo designs, as the font is unapologetically expressive in a modern way! Online businesses can especially benefit from this font’s expressiveness! You will find that Noe Display is one of the best fonts for graphic design and websites.

The font is also perfect for creating a bolder effect when creating online courses, ebooks, or other digital products.


Trending Font #3: Basis Grotesque

The font Basis Grotesque was originally drawn in a regular weight for the redesign of photography magazine Hotshoe.

Three years later, Colophon released the font commercially, and it became available in three distinct weights — light, semi bold, and bold.

Best For:

Grotesque fonts known to be versatile are most often used for advertisement campaigns and frequently seen in industries like health, construction or education.

Its basic design allows it to be useful in most industries that need to communicate a clear message, without being too assertive.


Trending Font #4: Lars

Lars features a stylistic set of rounded glyphs, a ‘footed’ number 1, a simplified ampersand (&) and a case-sensitive feature. In the sans-serif font family, Lars is designed to be impartial and versatile with many different uses!

Best For:

This font accommodates many languages, and its legibility is excellent for most written material, like business cards, billboard signs, and other physical marketing materials.

These fonts are also mainly used by small local businesses and restaurants!


Trending Font #5: Parnaso

Tight, skinny, and humanist serifs of Roman typefaces are in style these days. Inspired by the 19th-century revivals of Old Style Romans, Parnaso is a fantastic example of this style.

Best For:

Parnaso has always been perfect for online editorial or advertising work with its high contrast and crisp details.

Today, you will also see this font appear on many lifestyle blogging websites and online beauty campaign materials.


Trending Font #6: IvyMode

If you need good fonts for websites that’s useful for beauty clients, IvyMode is what you need. IvyMode is a sans-serif typeface developed especially for magazines by Jan Maack.

With high contrast and flared stroke endings, the family of fonts is available in five weights with matching italics.

Best For:

Available in 10 styles, IvyMode is ideal for luxury businesses and high fashion companies. You will likely see this typeface on advertising campaigns, or as part of sleek logo designs too. Not only is this font legible enough for websites, but it’s versatility is considered one of best fonts for graphic design projects.

The soft, yet subtle curves and thin lettering allows the font to be the perfect font for beauty brands everywhere, that are looking for more of a feminine touch.


Trending Font #7: Orpheus

Orpheus by Canada Type is inspired by two serif typefaces originally designed by Walter Tiemann in 1928, with a flowing italic design strongly influenced by calligraphy, Orpheus combines classic Roman proportions with art deco sensibilities.

Its subtle, aesthetic letterforms characterize its design. With a circular counter and rectangular body, the best typeface for small text is delicate but legible.

Best For:

Orpheus Serif Font is all caps with stylistic alternatives and is effective for banners, advertising, logos, magazines, fashion designs, etc.

The Orpheus Font is also typically seen written in entertainment industries, including written book covers, TV show intros, and movie titles.


Trending Font #8: Helvetica

Without a doubt, Helvetica is the most heavily used font by professionals in graphic design.

Helvetica can be perfect for everyone and every occasion, understand you may get tired of constantly relying on Helvetica to illustrate and deliver your every message, since the style is basic in and of itself.

Best For:

With limitations on cursive, text messaging and email in the digital age, the Helvetica font has become ubiquitous due to its compatibility with modern computer programs.

Today, Helvetica fonts are used to spell out names of major brands as well as public signage, tech companies and t-shirts.


Trending Font #9: Bodoni

The face has extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes, and a geometric construction, which makes it a tasteful-looking font for most occasions!

Best For:

With its narrow underlying structure and flat, unbracketed serifs. Bodoni adds a unique flair to headlines, decorative text, logos, and landing pages. Bodoni typically appears in entertainment industries.


Trending Font #10: Gotham Font

Gotham fonts provide a bold, straight-to-the-point elemental design. Gotham fonts come in 17 different typefaces, representing Gotham’s evolution over a 50-year span.

Best For:

Unlike many similar fonts, Gotham is highly legible and versatile.

Use Gotham in black or use it in white ink on dark backgrounds for your medical industry marketing campaigns, or in sectors like politics and education.


Trending Font #11: Alegreya Font

Alegreya is a warm, friendly, yet elegant typeface created in 2000 by Juan Pablo del Peral, that includes different elements from a diverse range of letters.

Best For:

Alegreya is a font used often in publishing companies or with authors.

Not only does Alegreya give a unique look to written and digital material, but it also has text that is strong and harmonious.

This font also makes the book appear unique because letters change dramatically from one word to another.


Trending Font #12: Baskerville

Serif typefaces, like Baskerville, are timeless and popular with elite firms because they represent elegance and prestige.

Best For:

Baskerville is a font with an old-style flair and charm that is commonly used in academic publications. According to its creators, it has a “clean look that fits perfectly for both body text and titles for most written work in the education system.”

Baskerville is also often used in printed or digital projects, like commercial or display ads.


Trending Font #13: Warnock Pro

This Adobe original typeface is named after John Warnock, an innovative spirit who has made a substantial contribution to the advancements of desktop publishing and graphic arts software.

Best For:

This font is a classic yet modern composition that can be used for various typographic functions and industries, including health, entertainment, fashion, publishing and logistics.

Warnock Pro is one of the best fonts for designers, who want to use this typeface in projects for an added contemporary touch!



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If you’ve ever wondered about the best fonts for designers that are trending in 2021, we have the answers right here.

With all the visually appealing and emotionally evoking fonts, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the perfect font for your brand or your next client!

Check out these top 13 trending fonts that will set your next project apart from the rest!

And tell me, do you plan to use any of these new trending fonts? Are you sticking with what you know?

Let me know in the comments below.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused.


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