13 Fun Holiday Marketing Ideas Your Agency Should Try

December is here! 

The tree in Rockefeller Center has been lit 🎄, the Starbucks holiday cups are out in full effect, and everyone is in need of a little holiday cheer ⛄.

December is a time for celebrating and hustling to make sure everything is prepared for the holidays. 

And that includes, of course, your agency’s marketing efforts. 

So if you’re thinking about that, you’re wise to do so—so congrats for that! 

Now, if you’re feeling pressed for time or lost on marketing strategies this holiday season, you’re not alone.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created this article. So it can guide you and your agency through the marketing rush of December. 

In this blog post, I’m going to show you:

  • How your digital marketing agency can seize the holiday spirit, celebrate with your existing clients, and help you gain more prospects from your audience.
  • Brand-boosting promotions to try to create more brand awareness.
  • 13 fun holiday marketing ideas for your agency to close out the year by converting more leads into clients.

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for a reason… So are you ready to reap the benefits of what could be the best month ever for your agency?

In a rush? Want to download this article as a PDF so you can easily take action on it later? Click here to download this article as a PDF guide.


Are Holiday Marketing Ideas Important for Your Agency? You Bet They Are!

Marketing ideas for any business—especially agencies—are a catalyst for attracting more clients and customers.

You see, according to LinkedIn, consumers have a real appetite for holiday-specific content in December.

And ad engagement for B2B brands on LinkedIn increased 18% in December 2018.

On top of that, LinkedIn found that its members were also more likely to volunteer to hear from brands during the holiday season.


And what does all this really mean?

It means that during the holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities to reach out to your audience and convince them to get their wallets out of their pockets.

Because they’re out there waiting for a discount, a special deal, a thank you note, or pretty much anything that can make their lives better and happier.

So if you want to avoid classic mistakes digital marketing agencies make like not taking advantage of the holiday season to market their business, you gotta follow this guide.

Because as a growing business, there are multiple scaling challenges your agency faces daily.

But in a world full of digital marketing tools to help agencies scale and proven sales tips to convert even the most frugal leads, there’s no reason for your agency to have its arms crossed waiting for clients to pour in.

There’s no better time than now to seize the moment and reap the rewards of the holiday shoppers.

Now, do you know any great marketing ideas for your agency? I do and I’ll share them with you now…

13 Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas Your Agency Should Try This Season

Whether you’re looking to engage your audience, close more sales, or create more brand awareness, each of these festive marketing ideas will give your agency a boost.

So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the first marketing idea…

#1 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Celebrate Flu Vaccination Week


I’m not making this up.

Flu vaccination week is real and it started on December 6 and it will last until the 12th.

For this holiday marketing idea, you just need to show your audience that you truly care about them.

And one way you can show them you actually care is by helping them take care of their health.

So go ahead and share information about where flu shots are available in their community.

Post pictures of you and your co-workers getting your flu shots to incentivize them to do the same.

And share valuable and reliable content about how important a flu shot can be for staying healthy (especially during the Corona Age).

#2 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day

Everyone loves gingerbread houses.

In fact, there’s a National Gingerbread House Day!

Yep, I’m not making it up. It happens every December 12th.


And it’s no wonder because building and decorating gingerbread houses is a big part of the holiday season tradition.

And since lots of families get together to celebrate the holidays with multicolor gummy bears, sugared candy canes, and a delicious house made of ginger, then you can connect with them in a special way.

Invite your audience to post their best gingerbread house creations on social media and create a hashtag around it for that social media campaign.

By the way, there are plenty of Instagram social media campaign examples you can find some inspiration from too.

Then, you can ask them to tag your agency or business on your preferred social network.

And finally, you can offer a prize for whomever shares the best house decorated.

This will incentivize your audience to share their photos and follow you in social media.

#3 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Post Your “Word for 2021” & Ask Clients to Do the Same

Rather than a full blown discussion on New Year’s Eve resolutions, the new trend is choosing just one word.

Peace, love, money, health, growth—whatever your resolutions for next year are, invite your customers to share theirs.

Encourage them to participate in your blog posts’ comments or social media posts. And get them excited about their New Year’s wishes.

Sometimes all a client wants is to be heard.

#4 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Show Off Your Sense of Humor on Ugly Sweater Day

You already know there are National Gingerbread House Day and National Free Shipping Day.

And so we’re both on the same page, there are tons of other national days that I’ll be bringing up in this article.

And the next one is the Ugly Sweater Day.

We all know what ugly Christmas sweaters are, right?

The ones our grandparents, parents, uncles, etc. wear and make you feel super embarrassed about and the ones pretty much everyone are wearing because they’re “trendy”…


It’s always nice to know that your digital marketing agency has a sense of humor (and bad taste when dressing up!).

So on December 20th, celebrate Ugly Sweater Day by having your team of pros wear them and spread the joy in social media.

Post photos wearing the sweaters and ask your audience to do the same.

And don’t forget to create a hashtag for your marketing campaign.

#5 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Ready, Set, Action—Get on Camera & Give Video a Try

According to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic in 2021 will be video.

So there’s no time like the present to get going on this initiative.

That’s actually one of the main reasons why we always record a video for each of the articles we publish at AutoGrow.

Because we know a big chunk of our traffic comes through our YouTube channel.

Not to mention there’s a really big audience who prefers skimming through content with video rather than with text.

In fact, Hubspot’s data shows that most people pay close attention to videos.

And that 45% of the people surveyed watch one hour or more a week of video content on different platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

And most importantly, people tend to thoroughly consume more and skim less with video content compared to text-based content.


So just hit record and record any type of video.

It could be a demo video for a lead magnet, a video walking through an article, an automated webinar, a podcast—anything that educates your audience and adds value.

We at AutoGrow offer a demo webinar video with a special offer for potential clients to learn more about our service and see if we’re a fit for their agency. Plus, it serves as a lead qualification strategy.

And it’s amazing the number of leads we convert through our demo webinar video.

So this holiday marketing idea for your agency will help you cash in on some new leads and potential clients for your digital marketing agency.

#6 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Create a TikTok Challenge for Clients on National TikTok Day

We all hate TikTok, don’t we? (Please say yes) 🙏.

But the truth is pretty much everyone is using it.

So be part of the movement of businesses who use TikTok and have your agency create a fun challenge for your clients on National TikTok Day which happens on December 29.

#7 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Send Holiday Cards or Giveaways to Your Clients (With a Promotion!)

There’s something about a holiday card that gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

And when the holiday card comes with a chance to save money, well, that’s taking it to another level.

While it might seem counterintuitive to run a promotion in December—when everyone is spending like crazy, a promotion can significantly benefit your sales in the long run.

Because you’ve increased the pool of leads who click through and might possibly convert thanks to those promotions.

So use your holiday card as a chance to not only show off a generous discount but also your graphic design skills as a marketing agency.

Your former and current clients will keep you in mind over the holidays and might just get inspired to leverage some of that design style for their own brand.


#8 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Pull Back the Curtain & Introduce Your Team

Your digital marketing agency is successful because of the smart people you hired.

They’re talented, competent, and efficient. And they deserve to be recognized.

So for this holiday marketing idea for your agency, pull back the curtain and give your audience a sneak peek at the softer side of your team.

Not only will you build brand loyalty but your audience will make a deeper connection with your team on the human level.

A few fun ideas to consider are:

  • You can share pictures of your team celebrating.
  • Include posts about struggles you’ve overcome or accomplishments you’re proud of.
  • Post pictures of employees with their families.
  • Ask your audience to share pictures of their own workplace or family celebrations.

This will help you create some rapport and empathy between your potential clients and your business.

#9 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Send a Thank You Email to Clients and Ask for… (Gasp!) NOTHING

How nice is it to hear “Thank You”?

As a form of gratitude to your loyal clients, show them how much you appreciate them by sending them a thank you note.

Because if you’re wondering how to scale your digital marketing agency, one of the first things you need to do is nurture the existing relationship with your clients and build rapport.

And the same way there are sales rapport building tactics that help you improve client retention, being simply grateful to clients  (with no strings attached) can do wonders for your relationship with them.

So go ahead and send them a thank you email or note and, of course, don’t ask for anything in return.

#10 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Get Creative With Your Remarketing Strategy


Your clients are busy. Especially during the holidays.

And when they come online, they’re making lots of decisions quickly.

So, if they left your site without signing up for your service, don’t worry.

They might just need a friendly reminder.

And that’s where your retargeting ads strategy comes in.

Retargeting is really simple, and if you do it right, you’ll see a 1-5% increase in sales or qualified leads pretty quickand even more over time!

That’s because even if your retargeting strategy is super basic, it’s exercising a key Sales Funnel Physics’ law: The Law of Repetition.

So start showing your creative targeted ad messages to people who left your site without buying or signing up for your service.

#11 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Host a Webinar or Do Guest Appearances

Have you ever heard of the app Design Home?

It’s an app that engages consumers in the interior design process.

And well-known retailers like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Tommy Bahamas, and more partner with Design Home to be featured in the app.

It’s a way for those retailers to stay top of mind without saying “buy my products.”

They’re simply getting exposure and users get to know these stores and eventually shop for their products.

What I’m trying to get at is that you could be doing the exact same thing by conducting or doing guest appearances in webinars.

Your agency could get the exposure you need in order to get in front of a new audience that may not know you yet.

And that’s what the research firm McKinsey calls “homebody economy.”

So host a themed webinar or do a guest appearance on one and introduce yourself to that audience who doesn’t know you… yet.

#12 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Share Some Interesting Facts About Holiday Shopping Trends

Maybe this isn’t the most festive idea but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

With this holiday marketing idea for your agency you can showcase the fact that your agency is still hard at work during the holiday.

And you can also share some interesting holiday shopping trends and statistics to pique your audience’s curiosity.

For example, you could share some social media posts with the facts and stats in it.

You could even create a post that says “Did you know that the most appealing promotional offers during the holidays are price discounts by 81% according to Deloitte?” and then add a nice design with it.


#13 Holiday Marketing Idea for Your Agency: Share 12 Days of Tips or Product/Service Highlights

Knowing what your clients or prospects are selling this holiday season can help your agency actually help them.

How come?

Well, by knowing what your clients (or your audience) are selling you can actually help them market their products better.

And for this, you can do something as simple as sharing tips for your audience to better sell whatever it is they’re selling.


Download the “13 Fun Holiday Marketing Ideas Your Agency Should Try” so you won’t forget to take action on it later. Click here to download it now.

December can be a busy and stressful month for our personal and professional lives.

But if you can find a way to weave in some festive and fun ideas, your marketing strategy can maximize your social media presence, establish deeper connections with your audience, and set your business up for a profitable 2021.

Now remember to take advantage of the holiday marketing ideas I listed above. And don’t stop there!

There are plenty of other ideas you can test.

The list is endless. 

But the important thing is that you reach out to potential clients so you can convert them. And that you build rapport with your existing clientele to improve client retention this holiday season.

And if you can’t handle all of your clients accounts, we can take care of that for you.

At AutoGrow, we can manage and work on all of your clients accounts without you having to do the heavy lifting. Best of all? You get 100% credit for all the work we do for your clients.

Now tell me something, how are these marketing ideas helping your agency scale? Did you already try some of them?

Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to be genuine in your messaging this month. A little vulnerability goes a long way in December.

Keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused.

2 thoughts on “13 Fun Holiday Marketing Ideas Your Agency Should Try

  1. I believe the most powerful marketing tool you can use to market your agency is content marketing. It is the number one marketing tool I tell everyone to invest in. Consistently writing quality content for your marketing agency’s website does a number of things:
    – Builds a newsletter list of customers and potential customers, which you can then utilize to spread news about your agency.
    – – Increases organic search results.

  2. Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy aimed at reaching target audiences and building trust. To achieve their goals, marketers create and distribute relevant content.
    To achieve your goals and keep potential buyers engaged, the most important thing is to create the right plan.

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