Converting Under 1 Percent? (This is How to Fix Your Sales Page…)

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Have you ever looked at your conversion rate on your website for a product, especially an inexpensive one like your tripwire?

A tripwire is something that usually costs between $5 to $50 maximum and is used to activate the relationship with potential customers.

Have you looked at those numbers and said:

Man, this is not converting…”


”Why do I read that everyone else is converting like 5, 6, 7% and beyond and meanwhile I’m only converting half a percent or 1% or even 0%?

Why is no one buying?

It’s an inexpensive product. Why aren’t more customers buying?

What is holding them back?

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it me or the other marketers online that are claiming these results are just lying?

In today’s video I’m going to show you an example that came in via a question from a member of our audience.

I’m going to walk through what is holding back his conversion rate based on my professional analysis and my experience to date.

Here is the question, he asked:

“Hi Matt, I read your article on selling right off the bat – the Russell Brunson way of doing things. [So, he is talking about a previous video I made where I talked about where you make a tripwire offer – a special offer after someone has, for example, opted in through email list.]

In the article, you said to expect a 7 to 10% conversion rate for the tripwire. I’ve also seen many other sites giving a similar conversion rate a 3 to 5%.

However, I tested multiple different tripwire pages but I can’t get above 1%.

Why the hell is it not converting?

I’d be super grateful if you could give it a quick glance and let me know your thoughts.

All the best,


I took out the URL just to protect his privacy in case he doesn’t want his website in this video.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the page.

I went ahead and I studied this page before I hit record on this video, and there are many glaring conversion killing errors that I want to point out.

As I go through them, I will be scrolling up and down the page and I’ll show one or two examples that work a little better as well – kinda explaining my rationale.

But I don’t want you to sit there while I’m going through this and think: “Well Matt, these errors are so obvious”.

They may seem obvious to you because this isn’t your landing page, this isn’t your business.

As entrepreneurs, we are often so close to our products and services that when we look at our own websites, we don’t see the same errors that are occurring here that are actually killing your conversion rate.

So let’s get right into it.

Someone has presumably [opted in] when they hit this page that says: “Thank you, your download is on its way to your inbox but we have an exclusive offer just for you”.

So there is a transition statement, he makes the offer.

The payment option is right there, the prices over here, the prices repeated over here before going to check out.

It talks about the value of it on and on, call to action button, what’s included, guarantee, there was another countdown timer here but it has now finished.

So the first thing is Clarity.

If you’ve seen my previous webinar, I’ll come out with a complete ebook and course on it in the future called “The 11 Laws of Sales Funnel Physics”.

One of the laws is the Law of Clarity.

It says that if people don’t understand what is your offering, they’re not going to buy it.

And the problem here is that the landing page is asking for the sale before any understanding of the value is being established.

Right here it says: “But wait, I’ve got an exclusive offer just for you… Buy one get one FREE”. Meanwhile, it asks me to buy, payment form right here but I have no idea what this product is or even if it’s a fit for my needs.

Pricing is the next thing.

So, the price of $3.49 – it’s a little bit odd.

There are conversion case studies that I found when I was creating our Proven Sales Conversion Pack product which you can check out on our website if you are interested.

There are a number of case studies that I found while doing the research that said that actually the amount of space that the price takes up visually is roughly correlated with how big of an investment people unconsciously perceive it to be.

So, $3.49 and even crossing out $6.99 here, it’s kind of a weird price.

It is not a price that you would normally see on a book, for example, like if you went to the store.

So I think something about making the price even a little higher. $5  might convert a bit better because it’s still perceived as very inexpensive and very affordable.

The idea that it is being marked down from $7 is already extremely affordable — even at $7 so either make it $7 or $5 and it’s already inexpensive enough because otherwise, this is one of the laws of sales funnel physics, it is the Law of Friction.

This is causing friction because it says it’s being marked down and it’s $3.49, but why is it so cheap? It is kind of a weird price.

What is $6.99 up here? It doesn’t sound like much.

Most marketers will also give a much higher value when they say it’s worth something because what is the value of your health, for example?

It could be hundreds of dollars even, depends on how you value it, right?

$7 value isn’t that high. So that is distracting.

The next thing is formatting.

The formatting of the page feels complex and distracting.

There is a centered text that is hard to read and a 2-column layout that I recommend you avoid when you are laying out testimonials.

The user is not sure where to look – “shall I look to the left?” and they’re scrolling down, then they miss the content that it’s over here that could be important.

And it’s important. It’s social proof, right?

Be careful of a 2-column layout because people aren’t sure where to look.

And also, you got this highlighted text over here, you got the timer going, you got this thing blinking, it’s counting down that it’s only 20 minutes, there is this green button and the formatting of the text has a different font here.

There is a lot of stuff going on and it’s very distracting.

People might judge the offer in a negative light because of that inconsistency, or just get distracted by all of the noise on the page rather than actually consuming the offer, then making the decision on it.

The other thing I noticed was the transition.

The tone matters here and it’s a solo thing.

It says: “But wait, I’ve got an exclusive offer just for you”. It might be a little too pushy to some people.

There’s a subtle and slightly more graceful way that you can go about it. So, this is one of the ways that I do it in terms of an upsell but it is not even that good.

This is how we do it for our tripwire:

  1. “Awesome…” – it is confirming that everything is on its way and that the page already has that “Thank you” in it – so that’s good.
  2. “In the meantime, consider this one-time, special offer…” – so it’s a little more polite, it’s less pushy, less cliche, and it’s transitioning in a more graceful way in terms of the language that’s being used.

The tone matters and the order matters because you are jumping right from the transition into “buy one, get one free” and we’ll talk about that right now when it comes to the Law of Alignment.

The Law of Alignment says that people have conscious and unconscious preferences and expectations on how they want to be sold and what they expect when they are on the page.

For example, the Law of Alignment is being violated and is killing your landing page’s conversion rate when you are making an offer to pay something but then it says: “Yes, I want a free ebook”.

Now, after thinking about it, I understand that you’re getting one of the ebooks for free but it’s confusing that it’s on the “Buy” button.

The “Buy” button is another high point of leverage within your sales funnel as evidenced by multiple case studies — words, these have been something that was AB tested.

On your “Buy” button, the text on it is a high point of leverage.

If you get it wrong as it is I believe in this case, it just creates confusion because people are like “Wait, what?, I thought I was paying for something, but why is it saying that the book is actually free?”

As far as unconscious expectation or preference, according to the Law of Alignment, people want to have clarity around the offer just as many case studies have shown.

In my experience, it’s also true that’s why I even started this video this way you wanna start by talking about the problem.

We want to talk about the problem so people can feel like you can empathize with what it is that might be troubling them which then you can offer a solution to.

That’s in terms of persuasion, this is also called pacing or leading.

Furthermore, we have a template that is part of our 6-Figure Sales Funnel Training.

This is a template that I have used – it’s deceptively simple in terms of 10 elements that you have to have on any successful landing page beginning with a statement and elaboration on what the problem is.

The next item is the fact it feels very high pressure with the timer that is going and the emphasis on it. And it’s fine that you want to set a deadline of “Today Only” or that sort of thing but too much emphasis on it is distracting.

It also affects how people perceive the value of the offer because if the offer is valuable in the first place, then why do you need to emphasize the timer so heavily?

It’s enough to just put it in one place and that would be all you need to do.

There is also a credibility issue because when the offer does expire, set to 20 minutes right now, the page doesn’t redirect.

I can still check out, no problem.

So there’s that credibility issue as well and another reason why you may want to extend it to be for until the end of the day, until midnight every night.

So that’s it for this video.

I hope you found the analysis valuable, but let me know in the comments and tell me which items did you find most relevant and which problems did you really relate to or you might have said: “Hey, I have the same exact problem going on my landing page”.

And now you’re gonna take action on it?

So let me know what you found most valuable in the comments, and if you’re interested to learn more, I mentioned the 6-Figure Sales Funnel Training product. You can go check that out on our website by going to, okey?

Be sure to like, subscribe, and share, and I’ll see you in the next video.

You can let me know if you have a question that you would like me to tackle in an upcoming video whether about funnels, conversion rate, or traffic generation.

I’d be happy to address it for you.

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