9 Lead Generation Tactics for Growing Your Coaching Business

Let me ask you a question…

Do you have a coaching business?…


…Do you have a blog where you once in a while write about coaches—and a few prospects that you’re trying to turn into clients—just so you can call yourself a coaching business owner?

See the difference?

Regardless of your answer, I bet you’d like to grow your client list.

Am I right?

Because coaching is a great industry to be in right now.

In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing ones. And if you know what you’re doing, you can take advantage of that growth.

So what kind of strategy is going to earn you more coaching leads as we head into 2021?

Well, that’s exactly why I’ve written this article. To help you out.

Because you’re a coach—not a marketing guru.

That’s why in this article, I’ll tell you:

  • Why establishing yourself as an expert and thought leader is important in generating leads for your coaching business.
  • How qualifying prospects is key to the future of your business—and how to do so.
  • And the 9 out-of-the-box tactics to make 2021 a transformative year for your coaching business.

Let’s start diving into this article and Merry Christmas from the AutoGrow team! 🎄

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Why Do You Need to Invest in Your Lead Generation Strategy for Your Coaching Services?

The answer is simple.

You need to invest in your lead generation strategy for your coaching business to get a consistent flow of new leads.

Without it, you won’t be able to determine why you’re leaking leads, why they’re not signing up for your service, or why you’re simply not doing what you do best—coaching.

So in 2021 you’ll have a huge opportunity to actually grow your coaching business and coach more than ever 💪.

You see, the coaching industry has been growing over the last few years.

In 2020 alone its market size grew to $11.6bn according to IBISWorld.


So if you’re a coach looking to generate more leads in 2021, now is the time to do so.

And some of the tactics and strategies I’ll teach you in this article are the same ones I teach in my 6-Figure Sales Funnel Training.

Now, are you ready to see which is the first tactic for your coaching lead generation?

It’s this one…

#1 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Build Your Coaching Sales Funnel

The same way digital marketing agencies need an agency sales funnel to sell their services…

And eCommerce stores need an eCommerce sales funnel to sell their products…

You too need a coaching sales funnel to sell, you guessed, your coaching services.

Here’s one sales funnel example of a high-priced physical product and service business you can get some inspiration from…

This coaching funnel template will set up the foundations for creating your first funnel from scratch.

And this next one is for those businesses in the real estate coaching industry…

You see, with your coaching sales funnel in place you’ll be able to better guide your prospects through your website to eventually convert them into clients.

Your coaching sales funnel will be the right path your prospects need to take in order to get to that “Sign Up” button.

And with the right elements of your funnel in place, your business will start attracting the right leads.

The ones that are willing to get to the bottom of your funnel.

And if you don’t know how to get started with your coaching funnel, there are 6 key steps for creating your first lead generation funnel.

You see, we have a lot of clients who are life or business coaches.

And their end goal with their sales funnels is to cause a permanent increase in sales and leads by using the right messaging to attract] the right traffic, at the right time.

Makes sense?

Consumer and buyer behaviors have shifted over the years.

Their journey through your site is different than it used to be.

So your coaching funnel must reflect that path of least resistance.

Without a coaching sales funnel you wouldn’t be able to attract more leads for your business.

Because for example, who’s going to sign up for your service if you don’t have a checkout page?

Or who’s going to land on your sales page to learn more about your service if you don’t have one?

See how important it is to have a coaching sales funnel?

Now, I’m not asking you to create your coaching sales funnel from top to bottom.

There are experts like AutoGrow who can help you with just that, plus with your strategy, web development, and more.

So if you’re looking to build your coaching business in 2021, see where you’re leaking leads, and fix your pipeline so no potential clients leave your funnel, then reach out to us.

And in the meantime, let’s see what’s the next lead generation tactic for your coaching business.

#2 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: What Are Your Unique Value & Unique Selling Propositions? Say It!

In an increasingly saturated industry like coaching, you need to show prospects why you have what it takes to provide specifically what they’re looking for.

You need to clearly say why you’re unique and why no other coaching business can offer what you offer.

It’s kind of like a relationship.

When you date someone or become friends with someone, you let that other person see all your good qualities.

You show your best self so they can choose you as their friend, partner, etc.

Same goes with your coaching business

You need to make it clear for prospects what is your Unique Selling Proposition.

What is that special something that will push them to sign up for your service or buy your info products?

The coaching industry is growing and you gotta stand out from the crowd.

In fact, PWC says that the coaching industry saw an increase of 33% from 2015 to 2019.

So if you’re looking to improve your lead generation for your coaching business, then you need to offer prospects what they want and need.

Your potential clients are out there seeking your guidance for a myriad of issues.

Career transitions, starting a business, getting more organized, improving their sales or marketing skills, and keep making it over the pandemic (we all are, ugh!).

So now that you know you need to clearly state your Unique Selling Proposition and your Unique Value Proposition—it’s time to see the next lead gen tactic for coaches.

#3 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Share Your Wisdom, Knowledge, & Valuable Content for Free

Have you heard the saying that nothing in life is free?

Well, you shouldn’t apply that saying to your coaching business.

You see, not everything you offer has to have a price.

Giving free stuff to your audience actually converts. It’s what people call content marketing.

And it’s a strategy 91% of brands use according to SEMrush.


Offering free—but valuable—resources to your potential clients or customers will help you generate more leads for your coaching business.


Well, when your audience receives useful and valuable content that they can later apply to their lives, business, work, etc.—they’ll want to come back for more.

And when they come back for more, they’re going to want to come back for even more.

And that’s where you nurture the relationship with prospects until you convert them into paying customers or clients.

How exactly?

Well, by continuing to share valuable content.

It could be something as simple as a lead magnet, articles you write for your blog, content videos, podcasts, webinars—anything.

So if you’re looking to get more coaching leads for your business, invest in your content marketing strategy.

Now let’s see the next lead generation tactic for coaches…

#4 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Build a Community of Like-Minded People

This might not seem like a direct line to leads at first glance.

But when you create a forum or a space where your target audience can ask any questions or share anything they want to say, you’ll be building rapport.

You’ll be connecting with your audience. You’ll be getting to know them better. And they’ll be getting to know you better.

It’s a win-win.

So go ahead and create a community of like-minded people so you can know your audience better. Try to really understand what they want and what they need.

That way, you’ll be establishing yourself as a thought leader.

And without doing a lot, you could be boosting brand awareness in audiences who may not know you—yet.

#5 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Get Coached Before Coaching

This lead generation for coaches tactic might seem way out of the box. But trust me, it works.

We all need to learn in order to evolve and get better at what we do.

And if you’re a life, health, or business coach, then you could get some useful training from other coaches who know their stuff.

That way, you’ll also be putting yourself in your prospects’ shoes.

You’ll see what being coached feels like. And you’ll find better ways to improve your own coaching.

And you might even uncover some gaps in the industry of marketing ideas for your own business.

So get coached as you coach others.

Learn, get educated, and share your knowledge.

Only then will you get better at coaching 💪.

#6 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Copy What Works & Reframe Your Offer If It’s Not Converting

Always copy what works.

Copying what works doesn’t mean you’re stealing someone else’s ideas.

You’re just taking what’s working for other businesses and making it your own.

So if for example, you’re offering content that doesn’t get read, or a lead magnet that doesn’t get downloaded—reframe it.

Package it in a different way.

If you’re offering a long, tedious ebook—then tweak its content and turn it into an actionable checklist.

Or if you’re offering a 1-part video training—then tweak its content and turn it into several bite-sized videos.

The possibilities are endless. And your potential clients and customers will be thrilled to receive easy-to-digest and valuable content that they can take action on later.

#7 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Offer a Free Trial or Free Consultation Call for People to Get a Little Taste of Your Service

There’s nothing more powerful than giving prospects the opportunity to try your services for free.

It’s the best way to ensure they get a little taste of your service… for free.

Because they may not be ready to spend X amount of money on a service they don’t really know a lot about.

And the best way to get prospects to know you is by actually getting on a free call with them or by using a free trial.

Here, they can better understand how much you can do for them. And they’ll see how well-spent their money will be with your coaching service.

In fact, 84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business according to SalesForce.


And 59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business.

So in that free trial or free call, the prospect will get to know you and decide if your business is a fit for their needs.

PLUS you get to see if the prospect will be a fit for your service too.

After all, the long-term clients that you need to pursue are the ones who are a great fit. And you’ll be able to determine this with lead qualifying strategies.

#8 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Showcase Your Social Proof to Hook New Prospects

Social proof sells.

It’s one of the best ways to attract more prospects to your coaching service.

Because by showcasing how satisfied past clients have been with your service, you’ll be telling prospects “Hey, that could be you too.”

And not to mention that 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family according to BrightLocal.

These days, word of mouth and social proof can be more powerful than anything.

So when you start creating rapport with your existing clients, ask them to write a review about their experience as your clients.

Then, showcase them on your key landing pages.

It’s exactly what we’ve done with our former and current clients who are coaches like you.

We showcase their testimonials on our website and on AutoGrow’s reviews page.

#9 Lead Generation Tactic for Coaches: Hire an Expert to Help You With Your Lead Generation

Sometimes taking care of every part of your business can be tiring.

And sometimes you don’t really have all the necessary tools to scale.

Plus, even if you hire someone to train you or coach you, you still need the expertise knowledge from someone who can execute for you when you can’t.

I’m talking about your sales funnel strategy, about your retargeting ads strategy, about your copywriting, about your conversion design tactics for your landing pages.

All of this digital marketing stuff can be time-consuming.

If you take care of your content marketing, just writing one blog can take you almost 4 hours according to OrbitMedia.


So how are you supposed to optimize your business and deliver excellent results for your coaching clients?

The answer is simple. The answer is outsourcing.

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing work.

And there are also plenty of reasons to do so.

In fact, InfoQ says that 59% of small businesses outsource to cut costs. And 57% outsource to focus on core business.


So whatever your reason for outsourcing is, you need to hand off certain responsibilities.


So you can focus on what matters the most—which is to grow your business and get more coaching leads.

And if you don’t want to go through all those resumes and interviews—AutoGrow can let you skip all those hassles.

All you have to do is delegate all your digital marketing tasks and projects to us.

And you can take care of coaching your clients 💪.


Download the “9 Lead Generation Tactics for Growing Your Coaching Business” so you won’t forget to take action on it later. Click here to download it now.

All you need for generating more leads in 2021 are well-strategized tactics to execute on.

Let’s quickly recap those lead gen strategies for coaches:

  • Build your coaching sales funnel—your funnel will define the right path your prospects need to take in order to convert into clients.
  • Clearly state your Unique Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition—this will help you stand out from other coaches.
  • Share useful and valuable content—educate your audience with useful articles, videos, webinars, anything.
  • Build a community of like-minded people—reach out to audiences who don;t know you yet.
  • Get coached before coaching—this will let you learn from the experts.
  • Copy what works—see what other successful coaches are doing.
  • Offer a free trial or free consultation call—this will let prospects know you and your service a little better.
  • Showcase your social proof—what your clients have said about your service can make prospects sign up.
  • Hire an expert like AutoGrow to help you—a team of pros who know can take all the guesswork off of your plate.

And there are plenty of other tactics that will help you with your goal of getting more clients to sign up for your coaching business.

But remember, the more time you spend researching how to generate leads is time you could be spending doing what you love and what you’re best at—coaching.

So why not leave the marketing of your coaching business to the experts?

Since Christmas Day is in 2 days, you could be giving yourself the gift of outsourcing your digital marketing to AutoGrow.

That way you get to focus on what matters most: spending Christmas with your family and friends without having to worry about your business.

Now, will you start uncovering the benefits of delegating your marketing to a team of pros? Are you confident these tactics will help you get more coaching leads in 2021?

Let me know in the comments below.

And for this one time, keep AutoGrowin’, stay focused, and Merry Christmas from the AutoGrow team!

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