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  • Your Content Promotion Guide to Grow Traffic

    Content marketing is like a car dealership. Cars are parked waiting to be bought and driven (same as your articles on your blog waiting to be read and clicked). Cars are meant to take their buyers and drivers wherever they want to go. And the same thing happens with your content marketing. Your blog posts
  • Top 21 Blogging Tools Shared by Experts & Tested by Us

    Hammer. Wrench. Screwdriver. Those are the first things that come to my mind when I hear the word “tool.” And just as the hammer, wrench, and screwdriver are tools we all carry around to optimize our desks, walls, homes, etc.—having the right tool in digital marketing is necessary too to optimize your blog posts and
  • A Blog Post Template That’ll Drive More Traffic to Your Site

    You probably know you can drive traffic with blog posts.  Whoop-dee-doo… But actually, you can drive a LOT more than you probably expect. In the last 6 months, we’ve seen 238,033 visits to our site, most of that being organic traffic from search.  For you, that might be a lot (“WOW”). But it depends on
  • 17 Blog Post Titles Our Brains Are Hard-Wired to Click 🖱️

    There are 70 million new blog posts created each month just on WordPress.  And over 409 million people see more than 20 billion (with a “b”) blogs each month. And do you know what the truth behind those numbers is? Businesses want to drive traffic to their websites. And the best way to do so

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