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  • Instagram on Steroids: How To Get More Likes for Free

    If you want to market to millennials and Gen Z, forget about Facebook. Facebook has gone the way of the dinosaurs. I’m sorry, it’s been taken over by the dinosaurs. Instagram is where the younger consumers are at. 62.1% of its user base is 34 years old or younger, according to Statista. You can probably
  • 15 Social Media Marketing Tools You’d Be Crazy Not To Try

    At AutoGrow, we love writing about marketing tools. In the past, we’ve written about tools for AI, blogging, SaaS, automation, and more. But we haven’t talked about social media marketing tools yet. Managing your social media accounts can eat away a lot of time. And who couldn’t use a little break? Today, I want to
  • 7 Types of Social Media Marketing You Need To Try Today 😁

    Social media is like a match made in heaven for brands. With billions of people using these platforms, there’s unlimited potential to acquire more customers. Even if someone isn’t actively looking to make a purchase, sometimes it’s just an inevitability when they come across the right post or advertisement. Now, there are a lot of
  • 7 Ways You Can Get Freelancing Leads on Facebook for Free

    Being a freelancer is liberating. No more bosses talking down to you. No snarky co-workers. And if you work remotely, then no more dreadful commutes. But at least when you worked for your old company, you didn’t have to worry about keeping business rolling. That was someone else’s job. Now it’s yours. If you’re looking

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