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  • 13 Examples of What A PR Blunder Can Do to Your Business

    Picture this: You’re the regional manager of a B2B paper supplier that sells online. And someone in one of your manufacturing facilities decides to play a prank and add an obscene watermark on every sheet of paper sold to your customers. The watermark involves a certain cartoon duck and mouse. Then, you have news reporters
  • 11 Disastrous Cyberattacks To Warn Your E-commerce Business

    From the military to e-commerce business, cyberattacks are an existential threat to every organization on the planet. If you haven’t been paying attention to the danger of these phantom-like enemies, you probably should. Just think of the havoc a cybercriminal could cause — stolen company secrets, access to sensitive employee personal information, and — possibly
  • 6 Marketing Mistakes from Big Companies (And How You Can Avoid These Blunders)

    If you’ve been marketing for any amount of time, then you’ve likely made a few mistakes. You should be prepared to learn from your mistakes, though, as you discover more about your audience and what works for them. However, if your marketing mistake is big enough, it can mean catastrophe for your brand and your

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