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  • Branding for Agencies: 7 Iconic Examples of Slogans to Model

    Quick: If I hummed “Ba da ba ba bah” and asked you to finish up, what would you say? If you live in one of the 100 countries McDonald’s operates in, you’d probably answer “I’m lovin’ it.” Why? Because it’s one of the most well-known and catchy taglines ever. And although they aren’t the most
  • Color Psychology: How Colors Influence Your Marketing & Brand

    Have you ever gone into a store to look for something but ended up spending more time with other products? Do you remember being attracted by the colors of the packaging? Or have you ever been fond of a company because of the colors in their logo design? How about the color scheme of a
  • Top 15 Logo Redesigns from Top Companies

    One of the most common things your business is known for is its logo. And everywhere your brand goes, the logo follows it. Logos play a pivotal role in how consumers identify with a brand. But sometimes logos need to be redesigned due to how outdated they become. Or just the fact that the previous
  • 9 Smart Branding Examples for Your E-commerce Startup to Learn From

    “You’re ripping yourselves off.” Those are the words of one of our old clients. And true, we offer aggressively low prices. But we don’t like to think of it as “ripping ourselves off” so much as it’s our differentiation strategy. AutoGrow is positioned as an affordable option for the digital marketing needs of small to

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