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  • Email Marketing for Agencies: How To Avoid Spam Filters

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked tirelessly on a persuasive email marketing campaign—you were sooo sure it was going to convert your email list—just to discover it ended up in… your audience’s spam or Promotions folder. ✋ Spam filters and marketers have been in an arms race as long as lions and antelopes have
  • 7 Smart Tips to Get Marketing Insights from Your Competitors’ Email Campaigns

    There are new email marketing trends each year. And if you’re not up to current business practices, say goodbye to conversions. Testing new email marketing strategies is a must!  Sure thing, competitors do the same. So why not save time on research and adapt their ideas?  😉 But not every insight is worth your attention.
  • Cart Abandonment No More: 7 Examples for Agencies to See

    When shoppers abandon their carts, there’s nothing more frustrating. Your agency has put in all the hard work and successfully attracted the ideal consumer. And they’re ready to place the order. But then … nothing. Actually, they probably leave the website. Oftentimes, they’ll never even come back. Luckily, with the right tactics, your agency can
  • Freelancer Guide to Effective Email Marketing [15 Tactics]

      When you’re looking to increase sales for your freelancing clients, I’m sure one of the most effective marketing channels you use is email. According to Constant Contact, 60% of consumers say they make purchases after receiving an email from a brand. Now compare that with the 12.5% that use the buy button on social

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