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  • 11 Expert Tips for Recruiting Virtual Employees 💻

    “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” —Woody Allen Recruiting is a strange process. You get to meet new people (how exciting?).  You get to share likes and dislikes with them (they all like the same stuff you do, what a coincidence, huh?).  They tell you what you want to hear: how wonderful your company
  • Say Hello to Good Hires w/ Our Proven Skill Test Template

    Hiring someone new can feel like a gamble. Gambling time, money… Crystal balls can’t predict how they’ll do.  You kind of just have to cross your fingers. However, there’s a great way to weed out potentially bad hires early on. A well-developed skill test (AKA skill assessment) can shed ample light on a candidate’s… Ability
  • Scaling a Digital Agency: 5 Challenges Growing Agencies Face

    2019 has been the worst year for agency growth since the great recession.  Last year alone, the average agency’s revenue grew by only 1.2%. And to add more fuel to the fire, agencies cut 36,400 jobs this past April. That’s the macroeconomic view, but on a personal level, it’s another story. When you run an
  • How to Avoid Bad Hires in 7 Easy Steps

    Hiring good people is… hard. Really hard, expensive ($), time-consuming—and even risky. (It’s one reason I’m so proud of what we’re building here at AutoGrow.  It’s because we address this problem by letting our clients skip all that and get their marketing tasks and projects done.) So anyway, like I was saying, you’re taking a

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