[Upsell Example] How One Company Instantly DOUBLED Their Average Order Value


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  • Today, I’m talking about Fuzzy Little Balls, a multimillion-dollar tennis company that struck gold with an upsell.
  • In this video, I’ll go over their success and how sometimes conversion rates don’t have to be high if you can double the average order value for new customers.

Hey, this is Matt, the founder of AutoGrow.co. Welcome to another episode of Matt Hacks, where in 10 minutes or less, I give you actionable tips to help you be more awesome at marketing, build out your sales funnel, and otherwise accelerate your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s story time, ladies and gents. In this video, I’m going to tell you about a little-known company that was able to double their average order value for new customers. They’re known as Fuzzy Yellow Balls. Gather round and I will tell you the tale.

The Story of Fuzzy Yellow Balls

A couple of years ago, Jeff Walker came out with a book called the “Product Launch Formula” or PLF.

Walker was one of the first major marketers to do this type of book launch where the book is free and you just pay for shipping, even though you’re really paying for the book.

I got the book and I remember going to the beach and reading it. One of the major case studies that I always remembered was from this weird company that I never expected would be selling online products and be doing so darn well at it.

The case study was from this company called Fuzzy Yellow Balls. Funny name, but a serious business making serious money. It’s a multimillion-dollar company today.

They put together online lessons, courses, and related products teaching people how to play tennis. Co-founder Will Hamilton would get together with other pros and instructors and record these HD videos online. Then they’d package them and sell them for people who were at different stages of learning.

The price range for these videos and other products start at about $47 all the way to thousands of dollars for their higher-end products, training, and courses.

I wasn’t really too surprised when later on I saw them actually featured on the SamCart website giving a testimonial for the product. SamCart, as you know, is my new favorite tool. It helps you build checkout funnels quickly so that when someone buys, you can offer them one-click upsells and other added value when they check out.

Anyway, so Will Hamilton gave a testimonial on SamCart, and I found him on this website basically telling another case study.

Will decided to do an experiment. I found this so compelling that I wanted to share it with you today.

Fuzzy Little Balls had these entry-level offers that were just $47, so Will decided to do a test that he felt was a little crazy. He tacked on an upsell for their $2,000 premium tennis training program.

Surprisingly, it converted, because they were upselling it to existing customers at checkout and it was easy for them to do so. People didn’t have to put in their billing information more than once. They put it in just for the front-end product and that was it.

While sure, only 1% to 2% were converting (according to Will himself), but what was the cumulative effect of that? Well, for new orders, the average order value now doubled.

This is a really inspiring example because it shows you what’s possible with upsells, and that’s the solution and focus this week. That’s important too, because if you can increase the average order value and the average lifetime value for a customer, then that allows you to invest more upfront to acquire new customers and clients for your business, and that is the power of upsells.

One Action to Take Right Now

So the moral of today’s story is related to the one key action I want you to take from this video. That is just be open to the possibility of what an upsell can do for your business.

Your homework for this video is to think of one super premium upsell that might be unreasonable, like the $2,000 offer in the case of the Fuzzy Yellow Balls. Think about that one super premium offer you could tack on either at checkout or perhaps when you’re doing a long-form upsell like an email autoresponder, but especially with a checkout funnel.

What can you tack on to the end of that checkout funnel that might be worth testing? Because hey, look at Fuzzy Yellow Balls, look at their company and what just a 1% to 2% conversion rate can do. It doubled their average order value.

Again, that’s really meaningful, because you can invest that much more upfront in creating better content, spending more on ads, or just making the overall experience and funnel that much better as far as acquiring new customers and new clients.

All right. So that’s your homework for today and that’s it for today’s Matt Hack. If you never want to miss out on another video like this, if you’re watching this on YouTube, click on the link in the description directly below, pop in your email address, and we’ll send you a daily newsletter. If you’re watching on our AutoGrow.co blog, there’s a link in the yellow box directly below.

The next Matt Hack is coming on a Friday because tomorrow, I’m coming out with another Auto Growth report where I share the revenue and other key stats as well as our journey, because 2018 is just a brand new business for us at AutoGrow.co.

If you’ve been following along, you know that our focus and our business model has switched to selling just products, and I’m breaking it all down for you guys. So I look forward to sharing the numbers, the journey, and the lessons learned with you from January into February, and it may surprise you because I certainly was surprised.

In either case, it’s going to be a really interesting interview. Pop in to see what I have to say about that, and then on Friday, I’m going to be answering the question of whether you should include videos on your upsell landing pages. So as always, my name is Matt Ack in the Matt hat, delivering your daily dose of Matt Hacks. Keep hustling, stay focused, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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