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sales funnel graphic for servicesAt first, I was going to charge for this sales funnel template. I might still someday.

But, for right now, I’m handing you my Master Sales Funnel Template fo’ free!

It’s taken around 6 years of battle hardened trial and error to perfect the funnel outline you’re about to see.

And yet, this master diagram is a sales funnel template that works for virtually any business of any size in any industry. So you may be asking the question…

“Matt, why are you being so generous?”

Or, even…

“If this is so valuable, why are you giving it away for free?”

I see your point.

It’s part of our bigger marketing strategy. I believe simplicity is key to success, so charging for our content would be an off-road distraction.

Instead, our strategy is to give you content that is so good you’d be willing to pay for it if we did charge you.

Sound cool?

Note: If you’re not clear on what the definition is of a sales funnel check out this article

Without further adue, this is the complete “Master Funnel” diagram I put together for you (see below).

I’ve included it in this free template download.

I’ve also thrown in a detailed list of sales funnel growth tactics you can implement right now.

And each item in that list is ordered based on the impact each is likely to have on your growth.

This means you’ll know what is worthwhile to put in place first, second… and so-on. I’ll show you what this looks like below.

Let’s start breaking down this beast of a funnel so can apply it to your business!


Important Note: This article is meant to be a resource as you start building your own sales funnel, so I encourage you to bookmark it, and download a free PDF copy of our the Master Sales Funnel Template here.

What you’re looking at is the ideal blueprint for the perfect sales funnel.

As you’ll see, perfection isn’t easy.

It looks pretty darn complicated.

Lots of arrows. Lots of boxes. Lots of stealthily designed upsell options sprouting from each and every action.

There is retargeting so that a lead never slips through the cracks.

And re-engagement sequences designed to turn a lead that’s gone cold hot again.

This template is what a fully-plugged sales funnel looks like.

And here’s the thing about it…

The Sales Funnel Template is a combination of many “basic” marketing funnels

The funnel in this diagram is just a number of smaller funnels.

Each of these funnels are interconnected to supercharge the efficacy of each one.

And that’s good news for you.

It means that you don’t need to worry if you don’t have an expansive funnel yet.

You just need to start at the top and take one small step at a time.

For example, the first step is to set up a landing page explaining your service. In fact, keep an eye out for our next article on the best landing page examples!

Let’s assume you own a service business. The next step is to build a simple email opt-in box which gives access to a pricing page.

email optin popup example.png

Then the following step is to redirect your leads to a consultation page to the pricing page.

You may be thinking it sounds too easy to work.

Have a look at a few of the best sales funnel examples.

Notice they are all quite simple. In fact, many of these high converting funnels consist of just 2-3 steps.

The takeaway?

Once you have those smaller, foundational steps in place, you can build on them.


Now, let’s quickly talk about the list of tactics in the Foundation (the ones that come before the Follow-up or Fuel, see screenshot of the resource above).

That, my friend, is where you should start.

These tactics will help you take action now.

Going down the list and implementing all the items ranked as “5’s” should be your first step.

These items are the most important and will have the most immediate impact.

Now, this sales funnel template cannot be implemented in a week (or a even a month). You can see why.

Sales funnels, either simple or complex, are building blocks to business growth.

The best sales funnels are built on the backs of months and months of A/B testing and market research.

This guide will help you jumpstart your sales funnel construction.

Having a master sales funnel guide like this is helpful because it provides the blueprint for every task you need to carry out.

Here’s another tip: I recommend you print out a blueprint of your sales funnel along with the template above and keep them side by side. Have both accessible if you plan to work on it in the upcoming days or weeks. It pays to be prepared. You don’t know when inspiration will kick in.

Feel free to steal ideas from this proven blueprint!

And when you need help, don’t hesitate to check out our service where your sales funnel is done-for-you and the team is behind you all the way.

Download the Master Funnel Template and Ranked List of Sales Funnel Growth Tactics. Save it as a PDF to your computer so you can refer to it anytime you need it.

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