How to Personalize Your Emails For More Sales, Shares & Conversions


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  • It’s possible to generate six times the revenue with personalized emails, as Matt proves in this video.
  • With tools like Active Campaign and SamCart, you, too, can personalize your own emails for more sales and conversions.

Welcome to another episode of Matt Hacks, where in 10 minutes or less, I give you one tip, one case study and one example that will inspire you and show you what to do to take action to be more awesome at marketing, and accelerate your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how with one simple change, you can send email newsletters that will generate more sales, because they’re personalized to where your email subscriber is in your sales funnel. That personalization, that more relevant message, that’s what’s going to help you generate more sales and get results from your email newsletters.

So let’s jump into it.

Stats that Prove that Personalized Emails Convert

First, let’s prove the point that personalized emails are worth your time and will generate more results.

To do so, let’s cite this article from ConversionXL, where they mention an email marketing benchmark report from Experian published in 2013. In that report, personalized emails were shown to generate six times more revenue than non-personalized emails.

At the time of the study, 70% of brands were not personalizing emails, and they went on to say that it’s too bad, because the open and click rates across almost all verticals were all so significantly higher as a result of personalization.

I could go on, and there are additional case studies that I’ll share later on, but as I’ll explain here, it gets results. It’s gotten results for us and not just based on people who’ve studied it.

An Example of Email Personalization from AutoGrow

So, let me show you an example of how this works for us. In a recent Matt Hack video, we talked about the Law of Visibility and how it works to grow your sales. We have the copy prepared here, so we added some bullet points telling people why it’s worth their time to go check it out. Then we have our call to action in the PS area, and this is the one change that I was talking about, are you ready for it?

It’s this “if-then scenario” or “if-else”, which allows us to personalize that call-to-action message because the rest of it is focused on the content, and then in this PS, where we make an offer and you say, “You know, this is only one part of the equation. If you want the complete solution, why don’t you go ahead and check out our Six-Figure Sales Funnel training for just a dollar?”

So we offer a special offer, but as you can see, we’re checking to see if the contact in our email marketing software (which is Active Campaign at this time) has a certain tag applied to them, like if they’ve already bought our tripwire, or if they are not already a client of the Six-Figure Sales Funnel training.

Otherwise, we are going to show them the call-to-action if they have not bought the tripwire and are not already a client of the Six-Figure Sales Funnel training. Then we show them an offer to go ahead and check out our swipe file offer, which gets them engaged.

This also gets them spending a little bit of money and starts to create that association between spending money with us and receiving value. It’s a nice low-risk way for them to kind of take us for a test drive as a new company that maybe they haven’t heard of yet.

So, in other words, to review, for new email subscribers who have not yet spent money with us, we’re sending them this tripwire, a low-dollar offer that gives them a lot of value and then works to upsell them if they are still on our list after that point with this special, one-dollar offer for our more premium training.

You could structure this any way you want, and we could even get more sophisticated. For example, right now we’re offering a more light version of the Six-Figure Sales Funnel training, if you will, which is the Sales Funnel Blueprint on our homepage. We could incorporate that into here, where we move them from selling the tripwire, and maybe the next level then is selling the Sales Funnel Blueprint, and if they’ve already bought that, then we can offer the Six-Figure Sales Funnel training, which is a bit more premium by comparison in terms of the price and all the bonuses that are also included.

So that’s how it works. And I can tell you for a fact that it gets results. We’ve also segmented this on our Leadpages software, when we were selling the tripwire on that. We’ve since moved over to SamCart, as we talked about, for selling our products. In yesterday’s video, we talked about that and why SamCart is worth its weight in gold.

You can get as sophisticated with this as you want, as mentioned. Another idea is that if someone has already bought something from you, or has already bought your premium product, you could segment them and make a call to action instead of trying to sell them on whatever the next level offer is in your funnel.

You could also say, “If you enjoy this, here’s a link to go ahead and tweet it out or share it on Facebook.” Instead of buying something, the call to action could be to actually go ahead and share something, thus bringing in more traffic for you to your blog.

For additional reading on this topic, be sure to check out this case study from InfusionSoft and this one from Active Campaign.

So that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it and that it drives you to take action.

Until next time, remember, my name is Matt Ack in the Matt hat, delivering your daily dose of Matt Hacks. Remember, go out there, take action and grow your business. Next week, the focus of the funnel is going to be switching to traffic. So I’ll see you on Monday for the next Matt Hack.

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