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Introducing: The System for Growing Traffic with Content That Actually Helps People While Building Goodwill, Trust, and A Natural Desire to Buy. It's Easy, And You Can Do It Without Risking Money on Ads.

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Yes, it's true. Your prospects are drowning in information. Their bloodshot eyes are staring at hundreds of posts, tweets, emails, messages, spam, and ads every day. You can measure their attention span in milliseconds.

As the person in charge of getting traffic (i.e. lots of people who are potential leads) to your website, you know you have to cut through this fog of promotional clutter to reach your audience. 

Sure, your end goal is simple: you want people from your target market, to know, like, and trust you to the point where they feel really good about buying your stuff or picking up the phone to call you. 

The goal is simple, but it’s tough to accomplish. Ad companies spend $1,000,000's to get someone’s attention for just 30 seconds. 

How will you do it?

Sure, you can spend a small fortune using AdWords and Facebook ads.  

Or, you might buy a list and try using email, hoping the messages don’t go unopened or end up in the spam folder. 

You could take a gamble social media... Though the days of "free traffic" from Facebook and others are coming to an end.

But what if you don’t have an ad budget or social media ninja skills? What are your options? 

Enter: Content marketing, the go-to marketing strategy for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.  

Lucky for you, most of the content produced by big companies and other is really boring, and not helpful to potential customers. Unlike the content the Rocket Content System teaches you how to produce and promote...

But let's not jump too far ahead. First...

What is Content Marketing?  

Unless you’re brand new to online marketing, you already know. But it doesn’t hurt to review the definition. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.  

The idea is to create valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will attract, nurture, and retain a well-defined audience. 

Bottom-line: content drives inbound leads and sales, continuously. 

Quality content is still “King” when it comes to producing long-term traffic and lead-generating results. Content can mean a lot of things. For our purposes here today, it means a really good blog article that will attract, help, and instantly build a relationship with your potential client or customer.

The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs report, “9 out of 10 B2B organizations use content marketing, and 38% of those companies are planning to increase their budget in 2018.”


Because it works (when done right) and it’s cost-effective. A single blog post can bring in traffic and leads for months, even years. 

For example, the top 10 blog articles on AutoGrow's site bring in a majority of our 40,668 monthly visits—and most of those articles were written years ago.  

How Do You Make Content... That Drives A River of Leads Into Your Site?

Think of your website like a rocket ship. 

Now I know this may sound a bit cheesy so bear with me on the metaphor here...

The goal is to take your business to the stars by growing traffic and, in turn, bringing as many leads as you can handle.

But your rocket is stuck on the ground. It needs fuel. Now, as you know, that fuel is quality content and strategy. 

But how do you do it? What's "the secret"?

Well, the "secret" is basically this: 

Step one is figuring out what the customers in your market want to know about around the time they would look to buy your products or services. 

Step two is to provide them useful answers, solutions, and ideas directly related to what they want to know about. When you do that, they'll naturally begin flowing into your website since search engines have n incentive to connect consumer with the content that best matches what they are searching for.

And once they're on your site, some portion of them convert into leads and sales, right?

Now, you may want to believe it's "difficult" or too time-consuming if you’ve never done this before. At a high level though, it really is that simple. You're just giving people good information, you're helping them by providing knowledge you mostly already know.

You might still be skeptical (and the examples below will further address your feeling). 

You should ask yourself though: wouldn't you prefer something better, something more predictable to how you generate leads and sales now? 

How about a simple system where you put in the work as frequently (or infrequently) as you like based on how much traffic you need and how fast you want to grow... And then it's hands off after that because Google and others will continuously send you traffic.

Of course that sounds like a pretty good deal.

Now, I'm not promising you'll get that result instantly just from buying today. You wouldn't want that anyway though because if results were instant, well then it would be instant for your competition too!

While I won't promise to 10X your sales if you just click the buy button, what I am saying is I can help you greatly accelerate your success and remove all of the guesswork from the process for you. 

Now that sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, that’s why I’ve developed an "anybody-can-do-it" system to grow your traffic (and leads) with content marketing. 

It’s called the Rocket Content System, and it can Triple Your Traffic (or better) in just 30 days flat. 

Here's what happened when we used the Rocket Content System within our own business back before Google and everyone else knew who we were:

As you can see, we went from getting next to no traffic, to seeing a rising wave of visitors coming into our website—and it only continued to accelerate from there. 

Keep these important points in mind about the above example:

  • Our traffic system back then was no where near as polished as what I'm offering you here today.
  • We were NOT publishing a new blog article daily, or even weekly.
  • We achieved these results in just 4 weeks, despite being in a very competitive market: digital marketing.
  • At the same time, the number of leads we converted increased in direct proportion to the amount of traffic growth we saw...
  • And why did leads go up like that? Two reasons. (1) Organic traffic converts at a much higher rate than any other traffic source, like paid ads or social media. (2) It's because we used the Triple Your Traffic: Rocket Content system to target the right "goldilocks" keywords (not too competitive, while also high enough in search volume to make it worth it). Then we built laser-targeted content to meet the needs of people searching for those search terms. Traffic then came in, and leads went up.

Here's where we're at today: 

(Note: I think you should know that these results stacked up like this depsite us not following our own system 100% of the time — we were too busy hiring and helping all our new clients! Seriously. I don't want to hype it, but this stuff really works. Plus, some months we didn't create any new content at all which was cool. It's cool because while you won't grow as much, the traffic and leads keep coming.)

I see this as the perfect system for bootstrapped startups because that's exactly what AutoGrow was when we started using this to generate leads—leads just kept coming in, even if I slept in late one day...

Even if I skipped a networking event...

Even if I accidentally deleted our entire email list—Ok, I didn't actually do this last one :-) You get the idea though: content that ranks high in search results = an everflowing river of traffic and leads.

Now I want you to know that it has continued to working for us (and our customers) for many years now. It will continue to work for you too because your incentive to get more traffic is aligned with Google's incentive to give its users the best possible information. 

Even if your business is more established, regardless of industry, this can work for you.

Why? Well, if your customers or clients are online, this will get you in front of them. And unlike ads, this will accomplish it in a really cool and cost-effective way.

Just like the two main components in rocket fuel, The Rocket Content System is divided into two parts.

These two parts are like the Ying and Yang of effective content marketing...  

The funny thing is most businesses that attempt content marketing mess up both!... 

But that's the opportunity for you, and this training teaches you how to take advantage of it.

The Rocket Content System, Part 1 — Quality Content (That Actually Helps People) As Your Fuel

You’ll get a 30-minute 1-on-1 walk-thru video with me showing you what to do and how to get started. You’ll also get a PDF guide with bullet-pointed instructions for your reference and review. 

Along with the video and PDF, you'll get simple worksheets to help you get going (and get the traffic you're after) faster.

Part 1 of the Rocket Content System covers the six key steps to creating content that fuels traffic (and on-page conversions).

  • Step 1 – Brainstorming Content Ideas Your Market Actually Wants to Read About
  • Step 2 – Choosing Your Topic & Target Keyword for SEO 
  • Step 3 – Writing Headlines That Attract Google, And Make People Click 
  • Step 4 – The Perfect Blog Template 
  • Step 5 – On-page Optimization  

Plus, you'll get tips, tactics, templates, and techniques to make content creation easy. I’ll hook you up with all the tools you need to succeed. 

You can quickly implement the Rocket Content System into your business as a DIY project or delegate it to a team member. (Note: for best results, I recommend you walk through it yourself at least once. By understanding it, you can better hold team members accountable for executing it well on your behalf.)

The Rocket Content System helps you grow a loyal audience of people who know, like, and trust you. And unlike leads from ads, leads from content are already warmed up so buying is easy for them. The Rocket Content System is why we had a 70% close rate when we launched a brand new productized service last year. It's also the reason we quickly grew to multiple six-figures in monthly recurring revenue two months after launch.

In short, you’re getting everything you need to create content to fuel your rocket. Now that you have your rocket fueled and ready to launch, we'll light that fuse in Part 2...

The Rocket Content System, Part 2 — Ignition Via Promotion (Done In a Way That's Cool and Win-Win, Not Spammy)

Writing great content is only 50% of the equation—or so "they" say. 

In all honesty though, if you just do Part 1 right, promoting your content is going to be like pouring gasoline on a burning fire.

If your content doesn't follow the steps in the system or if's not focused on genuinely helping people in your market... Well then promotion will not go so smoothly for you, my friend. 

Of course, you already knew that, I was merely talking to the other people who might want to cut corners.

Similar to Part 1, you get a 1-on-1 coaching video to walk you through it. You also get an accompanying PDF booklet that will share everything you need to know about promoting your content. 

In short, Part 2 teaches you step-by-step how to get complete strangers to share and link to your content. 

It does this without requiring you to spam. Instead, promotion with the Rocket Content System natural and win-win.

The two most effective content promotion techniques we've developed are The Layered Promotion Technique and the Platforming Technique. 

The Layered Promotion technique breaks down the steps of promotion into easy-to-get-done chunks. You’ll see the tools, techniques, and shortcuts for promoting content to your current niche audience. 

The Platforming Technique is the final promotion component in the Rocket Content System. It’s used to gain additional social media exposure and to build links. Link building can significantly increase your traffic in both the short and long-term.

You’re getting all the best, proven strategies and tools to help you speed up the process. And speaking of tools…  

All The Tools, Templates, & Support You Need to Grow

Who doesn’t love tools or a helping hand when you need it? Here are some tools and resources we use in the Triple Your Traffic: Rocket Content System. A few of them are our own—but don't worry! These are included with your order today because I want to help you see results fast, and they don't cost a dime extra.

  • Headline Analyzer – A tool that will help you find the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score of your headline.
  • The Perfect Blog Template – Save hours of time writing a blog post. 
  • The Perfect Blog Post Checklist — Everything your content needs to rank high.
  • The Perfect Blog Editing Checklist — This makes it easy to delegate the process, if you want.
  • ShareBar – A tool that increases awareness by keeping the social button in front of your readers for increased conversions.
  • An amazing little free tool that identifies difficult to read sentences (Almost no one else knows about this tool but we use it daily!)
  • And many more. We’ll show you how to use all of these.  

Plus, we also give you: 

  • Ongoing email support for up to 90 days if you need help or have a question.

As of 2014, over 90% of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers reported using content marketing to drive traffic and leads online. However, in the same study, only 42% reported that they were capable of it. 

If you’re in the same boat, it’s time to get professional help with the Rocket Content System. Creating quality content that gobbles up traffic and actually helps people in your market has never been easier.

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A Generous Money Back Guarantee

This works. 

It has worked for my businesses and for every customer who applies it. 

I guarantee it will work to grow your traffic if you simply watch the videos, fill-in the worksheets, and make an honest effort to execute what it teaches. It's easy enough to go through on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, yet results-focused enough that when you apply it you can start to see results within a week. 

However, if you complete the training and it doesn't work for you, for ome unforeseen reason, let me know within 30 days, and I’ll refund you no questions asked.

The Triple Your Traffic: Rocket Content System is the best way to start building goodwill, trust, leads, and—of course—a growing tidal wave of visitors to your website. 

Let's grow your traffic. Order now.  

I’ll see you inside.  

Keep hustlin’, stay focused,

Matt Ackerson Author and Founder of 

PS - This process is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to drive a flowing river of traffic into your website. You’ll avoid guessing, generate ideas, and select the perfect topic that's guaranteed to get the attention of Google and other search engines. We'll create content that's so irresistable to your market, you'll wonder how you ever generated leads before had traffic like this!