The Top Six Ways To Excite the Snapchat Generation About Your Brand


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Those who have been paying attention to the presidential election know that that data analysts are gathering data about the younger generation of voters through the popular app, Snapchat.

Any business that wishes to reach this generation needs to find new ways to incorporate this advanced platform into their digital marketing strategy. Mobile apps are grossly popular among every individual with a mobile device. Snapchat alone has over one hundred million daily active users, which makes for an ideal network of targetable potential customers.

Many businesses are curious about how to get started with this fresh market space and opportunity to grow their brand but do not know where to begin. However, I have outlined six key ways to begin to strengthening your brand with Snapchat.


1. Take Your Fans Behind-­the­-Scenes

Snapchat behind the scene

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It is an extra special opportunity for fans to be offered the chance to have a behind-the-scenes experience. Many celebrities and popular names have branded themselves on Snapchat by using this style. Try showing them how an event comes together or give them a digital backstage pass to an event.

As an example, if your company is at a trade show, you can invite select customers to send Snapchat updates of the process. This could include setting up your booth, talking with industry professionals, and other photos to help humanize your brand.


2. Personify Your Brand

Personify Your Brand

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Speaking of humanizing your brand, big brand names will lose themselves behind their name. It can be difficult for consumers to decipher the brand from the people, let alone get to know the people behind the business.

Snapchat gives businesses an opportunity to strip off their big names, show their humanity and establish real faces to their brands. This is a great way to begin associating culture with the brand, thus making it feel more relatable.

This way, when others see what it takes to run your brand, it does not seem so foreign, but rather something that is run by real down-­to­-earth people.


3. Make a Continuous Story

Snapchat Timeline

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This app is based around the idea of telling a story. A brand that wishes to utilize it for purposes of marketing should make sure that their story is exciting, memorable, and worthwhile.

Their story should be continuous that should have followers always wanting to see more of it. Followers should be hanging off the edge of their seats, so to speak, desperately waiting in anticipation to see the next piece of the big story.

A good way to make the story interactive and to drive followers to remain engaged is to incorporate exciting contests and promotions within the snaps.


4. Create Tutorials

Tutorials with Snapchat

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Fans enjoy getting the chance to get an in­depth look at how products work so that they may have better insight on how the things they love to use operate. For example, a makeup company could offer an tutorial on how to master the perfect Marilyn Monroe look. If it is a food brand, they could offer quick recipes for post­workout snacks. The more creative a brand is with their tutorials the better, because there are a number of photo and video features to be explored to make their tutorials as original as possible. It is always good for it to stand out from the rest!


5. Geofilters


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A geofilter is a specialized overlay designed to indicate the time and place a snapchat is sent. A personalized geofilter may be costly from a design perspective, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to pursue Snapchat marketing. They can enhance your digital strategy successfully. Brands who have invested in making their own geofilters have seen major payout with it.

Frequently, these geofilters are made to be a promotion for the release of a new product or a special event, time, or holiday. For example they could be used to promote Easter sales, Spring Break sales, or other promotions your company is running.


6. Influencer Outreach Using Snapchat

Influencer Outreach

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Snapchat is more than just a trend among tweens and teens who are barely responsible enough to have mobile devices. Young adults make up a large part of the target demographic. A variably prominent audience of marketability use the app at about the same rate that they use other social media apps. As a result, Snapchat is an ideal space for branding.

Snapchat as a social tool in every sense of the phrase. Users socialize with each other over Snapchat, whereas companies creatively use the app as a lead generation tool. Conversion rates increase due to the visual appeal of Snapchat. Not everyone will bother reading your written content. Photos and videos sent over Snapchat can serve as powerful marketing material for those who prefer pictures to words.

Using social media and email as a tool to outreach to influencers has proven successful for many brands. The next growth hack strategy is Snapchat outreach. You prospect, build relationships, then send them a Snap of the content that you want them to share. Usually, they would respond saying , “Sure, email me a link”.

To reach younger demographics, we should take advantage of on hottest trends in marketing. Snapchat has become an invaluable tool for Conversion and Conversion rate tracking.

With the amount of daily returning users utilizing this app, whether it is for social purposes, political uses, keeping up with celebrities, or their favorite brands. According to Sheldon Michael, CEO of NetJumps International, “Snapchat is a viable part of digital marketing that should be added into any business’ toolbox for success in the new evolving technological age.”

Often in today’s world of ever-increasing technology, we forget to use technological marketing tools to their full capacity. If we sit back and build a plan of action that resembles a small business plan for each of our marketing concepts, it becomes easier to forecast models of success. You may find that projections can come to fruition in the form of ROI rather than just beta testing.

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