The Future of Web Apps: Focused or Broad?

There are a ton web apps out there today, and more being launched and developed each new day.

However with some apps being built to be extremely simple and focused on doing 1 thing extremely well, and others that are more of a one stop shop, solving a larger problem, does the future lay in the more focus app or in the one-stop-shop app model?

For example, there is Wufoo, which is extremely focused on developing web forms (and that’s it!) and something like InfusionSoft, which does something like 10 different web marketing things well (though I’ve never personally used them).

The cop out answer is going to be, “Well, it depends. Some apps will be great for certain people because they are focused, and others will great as one stop shops for solving several problems or one larger problem.”

I tend to believe that the right answer to this question is not going to be “somewhere in the middle.” Rather, I believe that dead simple, highly focused apps will win the day.

Why? Without being too technical, the more apps that are developed, the more they will need to integrate and depend on one another. For example, I’m developing a dead simple eNewsletter tool for entrepreneurs called Saber Blast, but I will integrate with Wufoo for the email form sign-up for aspect. They do forms extremely well, so why bother reinventing the wheel?

Eventually, there’s going to arise a real need for a simple way to integrate all of these focused apps under one programming roof (for you developers out there, think: an API of APIs).

The focused apps will be so exceptional at doing what they do well, that why bother re-inventing the wheel to create something new? Just pull all of their best features together under one roof and brand it.

In other words, focused apps will win out, while broad apps will simple become a web of focused apps, cobbled together.

Make sense? Do you think there’s a business opportunity here?

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