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2015-02-07_1420The Backstory

We all fail sometimes. But I can confidently (and proudly) say I’ve failed a lot.

And that’s a good thing, because I learned from most of my mistakes which is why I’m here today, wiser, my business, stronger — and ready to share what I’ve learned for your benefit.

But there was one key marketing mistake that I made over, and over, and over again. It just kept tripping me up from an early age…

  • I made it with with my first business back when I was still a college student, with a backwards hat, hustling door to door to make sales in upstate New York.
  • With my second business I spent 2 years building a software product, living dirt poor in middle of nowhere Maryland. I still hadn’t learned this lesson the first time around.
  • And with the SaaS product I got off the ground in 2012, I still clearly thought I knew better (and I did, but it took me another year and thousands of dollars in debt to realize it).

::Face-palm times three::

But it’s all good–you know why?

Because I’m not going to make that mistake here with you today. That’s why I created this page in the first place.

You see, I’ve always been one of those people with too many ideas and not enough time and focus to make them all happen.

As a result I often fell victim to the “shiny object syndrome” because instead of doubling down on what works, I would let myself get distracted by another “fabulous” idea for a new product or service.

But that wasn’t even the Big Mistake I’m talking about here.

The big mistake I’m talking about is, of course…

Failure to validate that there’s a market need for something before you make it.

For example, in 2009 I was hard at work designing and coding with my co-founder. We lived in a small apartment in the middle-of-nowhere Maryland. We lived off Ramen noodles and our simple dream. We were confident our idea was solid. People wanted it. I even did a survey where I emailed thousands of restaurant owners to make sure the problem we were solving was in fact a problem.

But it flopped. Barely anyone bought the product, and when they did, they really just wanted us to change it into something else, like a text messaging service or an email marketing service. Our product was new and original, but no one wanted it for the problem it was originally designed to solve.

Fast forward to today, right now and the reason why I’m writing this letter to you.

Minority reportMaybe you’ve seen Steven Speilberg’s famous vision of the future in the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise. In one scene in that movie, Tom’s character is walking through the mall and advertisements are showing personalized ad messages to him based on their reading of who he is and what he’s doing.

Keep that idea in your head for a moment and answer this question:

Do you have a website as part of your online marketing efforts?

Yes, you probably do.

If you could make that website sell your business’s products or service more effectively by targeting:

  1. The right message
  2. To the right visitor
  3. At the right time —
  4. Without doing any additional work

Is that something you would want?

Of course it is, that’s like the holy grail of marketing!

Ok so here’s what I’m getting at.

The team and I here at AutoGrow are currently in the middle of developing a simple WordPress plugin called the “Smart Sales Funnel.”

It’s designed to show custom messages to each person on your website based on where he or she is currently at in your sales funnel.

Here’s how it works:

  • For example, if I arrive on your website, and I’m not an email subscriber it will show a slide-up message prompting me to join your email list
  • On the other hand, say I’m already on your email list. In that case the plugin will “remember” this and show you a different message, perhaps a message with a call-to-action button to buy an introductory product like an ebook.


Again, the real value in this is being able to show the right message to the right website visitor, personalized to where he or she is at in your sales process.

Version 1 is going to be simple.

How to set it up and get value:

  1. Install the plugin and map out your sales funnel based on how many “levels” there are. For instance: level one might equal a new visitor, level two would be an email subscriber, then basic customer, loyal customer, customer-who-spent-a-lot-of-money, etc. You can customize to fit your business. It can have as many or as few levels as you want. (time it takes: 7 minutes)
  2. For each level, choose what you want the messages to be and what they should be promoting (an offer to get on your email list, a free coupon, a premium offer if they’ve already bought something). (time it takes: 5 minutes)
  3. Turn it on and let it run! (time: 0 minutes)

Example of what the slide-up message might show to a visitor on’s blog who is already on our email list

In less than 20 minutes, you’re up and running, converting more visitors by personalizing their experience on your website.

The key benefits this tool has to offer you and your business:

  • Convert more visitors into leads and sales (59% of online users reported in a recent research survey published on KISSMetrics they preferred a personalized experience on websites)
  • Target buyers based on who they are and what past actions they’ve taken rather than trying to always “find a middle ground” in your messaging. You no longer need a “one size fits all” approach
  • Give buyers a personalized experience
  • Know how many people are in each stage of your sales funnel at any given time
  • Drive more buying decisions by showing visitors the offers most relevant to them

How to get early access

Ok so here’s the thing. Remember that mistake I told you about earlier?

Well, if this plugin product is something you’re interested in, you can reserve your spot and and request early access to it right now.

Assuming we get opt-ins from at least 100 people who opt-in via email to learn more by clicking the yellow button below, my team here at AutoGrow is lined up and ready to build it. UPDATE: I’m confident that by the time you’re reading this, we will have hit that number since two people already offered to pay for it.

This is something I know I need for my business — how about you? Click below to learn more and request early access now.

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Request Early Access & Learn More

PS – As a “founding customer” helping me make this product idea real, you’re going to be entitled to special benefits future customers won’t get:

  1. Personal access and coaching from me on how to use the product within your business
  2. An amazing price that is really a fraction of the value I know this product will give you.
  3. A guarantee that can’t be beat.

At the end of the day, this is all about us working together to make this product idea real and growing your business. So I hope you’ll join me by clicking the yellow button above to learn more now. Click here to go to the next step.