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Finally, a proven collection of visual case studies you can copy on to your website and see an increase in your leads, sales, and profits in as little as one day.  

"Most everything I’ve done I’ve copied from somebody else."  

That’s Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart talking about how he started from scratch and built Walmart into a $275 billion empire.  

After reading that quote in his biography, I wondered:  

"Is there a 'proven collection' of digital marketing case studies that make it easy to copy the online success of others?"...  

You see, Sam had to hustle over a period of 40 years to find quality ideas worth copying in his business. He traveled across the United States, walking into competitors' stores, talking to suppliers, managers, customers, networking…  

But for businesses like yours’ and mine, we convert our leads and sales on our websites.  

So, if there was a curated collection of credible, easy-to-copy case studies—it would save a TON of time and accelerate your sales, right?  

Because — and I'm sure you can relate to this — I'm always hungry to copy quality ideas that are converting for businesses similar to mine—especially if they can be implemented in as little as 15 minutes.  

Why not, right? — Because copying what works — WORKS! (I’ll show you proof coming up)  

You see, there problem with this "copy what works" concept is we don’t know who to trust online…  

And those high-converting, quality ideas are too few and too far between…  


The problem is that as entrepreneurs and marketers we're looking for proven ideas to grow our businesses in all the wrong places.

We're struggling to solve this problem by:

  • Reading blog posts with repetitive advice or strategies that are too complex to take action on right now (i.e. you’d need to hire a coder or designer). Another alternative is to..
  • Sign-up for an online course — but this takes more time than you expect to see meaningful results. So you don’t finish it. Instead maybe you...  
  • Get distracted studying what other people do in your market. They "claim" it works so well for them. So you try the same thing, but it doesn’t work… Then you realize it’s probably because they had more traffic... or they just like to “talk a big game”, if you know what I mean. Frustrated, you decide to...  
  • Talk to your entrepreneur or marketer friends who suggest ideas. But their experience or target market is often totally unrelated to or different from your business. And of course, none of this is any better than...  
  • Guessing. You might as well brainstorm ideas on slips of paper, put them on a dart board, and THROW to see which idea you should try next: “Maybe if I just make the button RED we’ll get more conversions…”  

If you're like me, and any of the above points describe you, then you're tired of these half-baked approaches to growth which "work" (if you like guessing and failing 99 times out of 100).  

So, I started searching to see if I could find a better solution to grow your sales and mine this year…  

I found some case study write-ups published by various bloggers, marketers, and companies.  

The issue was that although these seemed valuable, after reading through literally 100’s of them: 

  • 60% of these case studies didn't pass a basic "smell test" — they made big claims, but ultimately were NOT credible, either because no statistical confidence data was given (this is key to understanding if the idea being tested, actually caused the growth) or because of a lack of work shown. Many also didn't include any visuals.  
  • About 20% of those case studies that remained had conversion goals that had NOTHING to do with growing leads and sales! As a startup for whom “cash is king” or a marketer who needs to impact your client’s bottom-line — do you really care about how to get 10X more people to “click” on a button if it doesn’t convert sales?  
  • Finally, the quality, worthwhile case studies that I did ultimately find were scattered across the web, not in one place, and NOT easily searchable. This makes it difficult for you to find a solution to whatever marketing campaign or funnel fix is your current focus. There was also little if any guidance on how to replicate the success as well... 

After going through this process I could not find a trustworthy solution for what I wish existed... 

Because, after all my years as an entrepreneur and digital marketer, I can tell you there's no "ultimate secret" to growing your sales — except that copying what is proven to work — WORKS.

This is why, today, I’m excited to introduce you to: 

Proven Sales Conversion Pack: 313 Clear, Credible, and Easy-to-Copy Case Studies to Drive You More Leads, Sales, and Profits Right Now.

This is a hand-crafted collection of simple strategies and tweaks that take as little as 15 minutes to copy, and as little as 1 day to start seeing results. Each case study was:

  • Personally vetted for quality, statistical confidence, ease of copying, and the likelihood that similar results would occur if used on your website.
  • Analyzed to pluck out hidden conversion strategy "gems".
  • Distilled down and changed into a simple, searchable format, that shows you how to (almost literally) copy-and-paste their success onto your website and see results in as little as 24 hours.  

Here are the top 3 benefits the Proven Sales Conversion Pack will give you (and how it delivers this value).

Benefit #1 — Copying Just One Simple Strategy in This Pack Could Grow Your Revenue by 50% or more.  

Just one of the proven strategies I identify and break down for you in this curated collection can provide you an instant return on the price of the Pack, multiplied by many times over (see proof below).

This return on investment will come in the form of more leads, more email subscribers, more sales volume, and/or more revenue earned per customer.

Here are 2 examples from my personal experience.

The first example is for anyone selling professional services: 

In 2017 AutoGrow launched a brand new productized service. In 2 months, we grew sales from 0 to six-figures in monthly recurring revenue. The following was a key factor in how we did it...

AutoGrow was an agency at the time, and I had no clue if this new service was going to sell. Especially because I had just raised our monthly fees to be slightly under $2,000 per month, per client account. 

This was... ahem... a 600% increase from our pricing structure.  


So everything was going "Okay" after launch, but I knew we needed more leads...  

Then I got kind of lucky because I stumbled across a case study while doing research for a blog article.

It was from a conversion consultant who had grown lead conversions by 900% for a high-ticket professional service—like what we were selling.

So, I copied the main idea from it. It required recording a short 20-min video and changing some text on a call-to-action button. About 2 hours of work total.  

The result was a 481% increase in leads (each lead was asked to give the exact same contact info as before). 

The kicker was we also observed a 70% close rate with these client leads once we got on the phone. I was blown away by how well it worked.  

You can "get lucky" like I did by copying the success of this and 312 other lead and sales-boosting case studies when you order the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

How would a 481% increase in qualified leads affect your sales this year? I think you know the answer...

The second example is for anyone selling info products, consultants, or SaaS businesses:

During my 100+ hours of research before creating the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, I stumbled upon a case study that showed how one company grew their sales by simply clarifying and emphasizing their guarantee at checkout.

It took me 15 minutes to copy the case study's main idea by editing the text on our checkout page.

The result was that sales conversions inceased by at least 50%! (see screenshot below of our AB test for this, which was tested to the point of 99% statistical confidence and continues to hold true).

This was for one of our tripwire products, and without factoring in revenue from upsells, this one tiny tweak will net us at least an additional $3,290 this year. 

Thanks to the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, a single 15 minute change will convert 50% more customers for us in the months ahead.  

I'm now testing the same change on our other checkout pages. So far, it appears to be growing sales by 20-30% for our more expensive products.

How many sales are you losing that you could be converting with a simple 15 minute fix?

The case study that inspired me our 50% sales increase is of course featured along with 312 others in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

Finally, here's the third example if you're in e-commerce. 

Let’s take the case study of an e-commerce company selling a deodorant product online.

Your landing page copy might be "passive" like it was for this business.  

Their headline read: "Feel fresh without sweat marks."

But when they changed their copy to be more action-oriented (e.g. "Put an end to sweat marks!") conversion to the checkout page increased by 93%, or nearly double.  

How would doubling the number of people who arrive on your checkout page affect your sales?  

Find out, when you order the the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

I truly believe this may be the most valuable product I've created to date—because it's so easy to start growing your business with it as you can see from the examples above. You can see results in as little as one day, and in just a few minutes or hours of work.  

Benefit #2 — You’ll save months of time by avoiding “weak” ideas, becoming a victim of your own guessing, and so-called “expert” (unproven) advice  

In my free time I like to watch a lot of movies and read almost as often.  

One thing I learned recently was that during the 1930s, people had a phrase for doing things that didn’t get results.  

A buddy might turn to his friend — who he just had to be honest with because he’d pitched a bad idea — and say:  

“Don’t give me any of that ‘Mickey Mouse Sh**’!”  

“Mickey Mouse Stuff”, to put it politely — an obvious reference to Disney’s iconic character, though this isn’t the point — it was about communicating the importance of not wasting time on things that don’t get BIG, meaningful results.  

After all, the 1930s was the time of the Great Depression. People could not afford to waste time. They had to hustle to make a living. They didn't have time to sit around and watch "Mickey Mouse" cartoons. 

This is why it's important you know this collection was personally vetted by me (and then quality-checked again by my team). We combed through over 2,000 case studies online to pick the best of the best, ensuring you only get Grade A meat you can eat (i.e. visual case studies you can copy and immediately get results from).  

This isn’t some random list of ideas — “oh hey here ya go!” — that might work. 


The Proven Sales Conversion Pack shows you what actually does work for others online, both in and around your market today. It also tells you why it works, and how to quickly put it to work for you, generating more revenue for your business.  

I like to emphasize the word “quality” here because it’s important you know only case studies that met a strict set of criteria were allowed in.  

For example, here are a few of our key requirements in building this collection for you:  

  • Requirement #1 — Must show a provable statistical confidence rate of at least a 95-100%. Did you know that most so-called case studies published online don’t provide this data, probably because they didn’t test their change on a large enough audience size?  
  • That means there’s a high likelihood that what they claim is true, actually doesn’t work! (And would only waste your time and money if you copied it).
  • Requirement #2 — They had to include visuals, before and after the change. Many marketers conveniently leave this out, perhaps wanting to tell you (get the credit) but not show you (so you can’t replicate their success).  
  • Requirement #3 — They had to have a credible write-up and original source, explaining their methodology and how results were measured, etc. This helps further eliminate false claims of success, getting you right to the MEAT of what converts.
  • Requirement #4 — Sales had to be directly or indirectly impacted. This meant we immediately excluded anything like “Oh, it got us more traffic to a landing page!” or “Oh, more people clicked!...”. No, none of that. It had to be a sales-driving action like: actually buying, free trial sign-ups, upsells, consultation requests, or lead optins.  

Further, to help you find the conversion ideas most relevant to you, we made the collection searchable and organized each case study into categories. By making it accessible, this ensures you’ll use it more frequently.  

This means you can find specific ideas that work for every imaginable type of marketing campaign, landing page, or sales funnel “bottleneck” that you currently have.  

The Proven Sales Conversion Pack is in 3 super-accessible formats for you

The first is a Visual Flipbook.

This allows you to casually browse the collection, or to look up a specific case study by ID number. 

Each page in the Visual Flipbook includes the before and after images, my analysis of the result, why it works, and how you can copy it.

The second is Video.

I've included two videos. The first is a 5-minute walk-thru showing you how to use the Proven Sales Conversion Pack to grow your leads and sales from right now. The second video is a 60-minute walk-thru of my top 20 favorite case studies that I would recommend you learn from and copy immediately.

The third is the Searchable Spreadsheet.

Using the spreadsheet, you can instantly sort through all of the case studies by statistical confidence level, e.g. "I only want to look at ones with a 99%+ confidence rate to start...", by business type, by tags, or by keywords (full explanation on each of these below).

I'll explain more about how the Pack is organized, to help you prioritize the best ideas...

The Proven Sales Conversion Pack is organized by statistical confidence — As mentioned above, only verified, high-confidence case studies and marketing tests earned their way into this collection. 

The three levels of statistical confidence are:  

  • 95-96% (Moderately high confidence it will get you results when copying for a similar situation).
  • 96-98% (High confidence it will grow your conversions).
  • 99-100% (The “cream of the crop” — The case studies in this group have been tested to an extremely high level of statistical confidence. This means the tactic or strategy shown is extremely likely to grow your conversion rate, especially when used by a similar business or for a similar marketing scenario).  

Of course, what market you are in or what type of business you are running is a big factor as well when it comes to finding “right fit” conversion use cases.  

This is why we organized the collection by business types as well. You’ll uncover highly relevant, conversion-boosting ideas from businesses just like yours.  

Business Category Types Include:

Info Products


Professional Services


Consulting / Coaching




To help you efficiently find the exact “conversion-booster” you need right now, I also tagged each case study.  

Just search for a keyword tag and find what you need.  

For example, tags include:  

Pricing Homepage Headlines Lead Magnets List Building CTA buttons Social proof  

Guarantee Copywriting USP Lead generation Form design Email Images  

Clicks Free trial / signups Sales Upsells Increase LTV And more...  

What will you search for first in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack to lubricate your sales or lead flow?  

What battle-tested, revenue-getting ideas will you uncover when you have all of the tested, best-in-class examples in one easy-to-flip-thru (or search through) resource?

Benefit #3 — This will inspire you to take action

When I started creating the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, it wasn’t enough for me to just put together a winning collection of over 300 success stories.

No, they had to be case studies that were proven AND that you could take action on without requiring a massive time investment AND quickly see results.

(Many of the showcased ideas here are simple, "tiny tweaks" that can be done in as little as 15 minutes—see my examples under Benefit #1 above).

I wanted to make this as EASY as possible for you to extract those tiny tweaks needed for you to see an immediate "jump" in your leads, sales, and profits.

So here’s how the Proven Sales Conversion Pack inspires you to take action:  

  • Seeing what’s possible is motivating, especially when the change needed to get results is SIMPLE. It moves us to think “Hey, wow! That makes sense! I think we can do the same and get a result for our business!”  
  • In each case study I teach you why the showcased idea works. I break it down for you in simple, easy to read, fast to “just get it” language. You'll be having a ton of "lightbulb" moments as you go browse through it. My analysis for each case study is detailed, but NOT a long essay.  
  • Finally, I go one step further for you. With each case study I tell you how to copy the main idea to get results. You’ll understand what you need to put the tactic or strategy shown to work on your website, step-by-step, for the benefit of your bottom line.  

At this point, you may be wondering what the next step is to get started...

Follow these 3 steps to grow your sales with the Proven Sales Conversion Pack

Step 1 — Place Your Order Now

Scroll down and click the yellow button to order now—before we sell out (14 spots left, this number is updated regularly).

Note: This is a new product, and I’m limiting the quantity available for two reasons. 

First, it attracts action-takers. These are the kind of entrepreneurs and marketers I want buying the Proven Sales Conversion Pack because I know they are going to get results.

Second, this is a order now as part of our launch special, you will save 33%. When you order, you will get immediate access to everything sent via email. I'm giving you this discount in exchange for you telling me how well it works to grow your sales. Deal? 

Step 2 - Get Access & Select Your Top Two Ideas 

You'll be able to access the Pack anywhere, at any time, on any device. You also get free lifetime updates without having to pay anything additional in the future.

After you get access, browse and bookmark the top two ideas that you want to implement on your website or sales funnel. Selecting two is a small, focused number and something that you won’t forget. This makes it easier for you to get started.

Step 3 - See A Jump In Your Leads, Sales, & Profits (Then Grow Some More)

After you’ve selected your top two ideas, follow the simple instructions to copy the strategies shown. 

You do not need a ton of traffic, you don't need more than two hours for most ideas, nor you need to set up and learn some new tool. The hard work is already done for you! 

The Proven Sales Conversion Pack makes it easy to “copy-and-paste” the success of others into your website.  

How much would you pay for results like these?  

Here are a few examples from the Proven Sales Conversion Pack in no particular order:

  • Adding a Single Letter Here Leads to 20% More Sales.  
  • Audience Feedback "Trick" Increases Completed Purchases by 64.8%  
  • Starting the Landing Page Copy Like This Converted Nearly 50% More Sales.  
  • ______________ and ______________ in Headline Generates 38.25% Additional Downloads.  
  • Showing Real ______________ Improves Lead Conversion Rates by 45.45%  
  • Changing This on the Landing Page Converts 633.1% Better.  

There are more than a few like that last one in the Pack where results exceeded 100% or more than doubling...

A few years back, when I doubled revenue (from $300,000 annually to $750,000 annually) for a client by redesigning her sales funnel, AutoGrow charged $9,500 for this service. Clearly, that price was cheap compared to the value. 

Later, when we offered a productized sales funnel service as an agency, we charged $20,000 per year, per client, per funnel.

Of course, I’m not going to price this resource at $20,000, but something like $500 you’d agree—based on the results you can achieve above—would be a fair price.  

However, today, you can get access and get a big 33% discount by ordering the Complete package of Proven Sales Conversion Pack now as part of our launch special for just one payment of $297 $197.  

The price will be go back up once we sell out of the launch special. 

We also offer three "Market Niche" Conversion Pack packages for just one payment of $97, but the Complete Package is truly your best value option.

This 33% off discount on the Complete Package will end once we sell out of the 25 spots available (14 spots remaining, this number is updated regularly). When you order you can expect access info to be immediately sent to your email within 5 minutes. 

However, in exchange for this discount, I ask that you tell me how well this works to grow your sales.


All right then. Scroll down and choose your Conversion Pack package now... 

Which Conversion Pack package is right for you? 

Get results in as little as 15 minutes. 60-Day money-back guarantee. No recurring fee & free lifetime updates

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I created the Proven Sales Conversion Pack for action-takers like you

To help you invest with peace of mind and make this an easy decision for you. It comes with a...  

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want to benefit if you aren’t benefiting, it’s as simple as that.

And I know this product will grow your business, your leads, and your bottom-line profits if you follow the three simple steps above.

If for some unforeseen reason you don’t love it or it doesn’t get you the results you expect, just email us showing you took action on at least one idea from the collection within 60 days of purchasing and we’ll give you a full refund.  

Ready to Stop Struggling and Guessing How to Grow Sales? You’ve Got Two Options...

Option 1:

Continue guessing how to grow your sales. Continue relying on “weak,” “free” ideas from so-called “experts” who don’t back-up their numbers...


Option 2:

Invest in your business’s growth with a one-time payment of $297 $197 for the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, then find your top two ideas, and see results in as little as 1 day. It’s that easy.

The choice is clear, my friend.

Order for early access this curated collection before we sell out and the price goes up.

This is a curated collection of winning case studies I wish I had months, even years ago.

But you can have it today for a fraction of the time it will save, and a fraction of value it will produce.  

Yes, I'm Ready to Pick My Conversion Pack Package & Checkout

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Keep hustlin’, stay focused,  


PS -  

One final thing, you may have overlooked above. When you order today, you also get my bonus bite-sized training videos where I walk you through my top 20 favorite case studies from the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

I handpicked the top 20 case studies because they offer the most teachable lessons, and are most likely to get you results fast. In the video, I train you on the lessons learned from each case study, and how to quickly use the hidden tricks and strategies to get similar results for your business.

Click here to choose your package and order the Proven Sales Conversion Pack now.

You’ll thank me later.  

About the Author:  

Matt Ackerson is the Founder and CEO of He established the business in 2010 in New York as a web design agency, later selling a productized done-for-you sales funnel service. To date, AutoGrow has generated $19 million in sales for over 600 clients, and attracted 1,200 students in the first 11 months since the company transitioned to products. Matt and AutoGrow have been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, Mixergy, and Techcrunch, among others. Matt established AutoGrow with the enduring mission to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. He works daily with his team to continuously accomplish this for all their customers.  

14 spots left (This number is updated regularly)