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"Most everything I’ve done I’ve copied from somebody else."  

That’s Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart talking about how he started from scratch and built Walmart into a $275 billion empire.  

After reading that quote in his biography, I wondered:  

"Is there a 'proven collection' of digital marketing case studies that make it easy to copy the online success of others?"...  

You see, Sam had to hustle over a period of 40 years to find quality ideas worth copying in his business. He traveled across the United States, walking into competitors' stores, talking to suppliers, managers, customers, networking…  

But for businesses like yours and mine, we convert our leads and sales on our websites.  

And the problem with this "copy what works" concept is we don’t know who to trust online…  

And those high-converting, quality ideas are too few and too far between…  


The problem is that...

As entrepreneurs and marketers we're looking for proven ideas to grow our businesses in all the wrong places.

We're struggling to solve this problem by:

  • Reading blog posts with repetitive advice or strategies that are too complex to take action on.  
  • Signing-up for another online course, which requires risking a chunk of time before you can see results.  
  • Getting distracted studying what other people do in your market. They "claim" it works so well for them.  
  • Talking to your marketer friends who suggest ideas. But their experience or target market is often general, or unrelated to what you really need.  
  • Guessing. It's like throwing darts at random ideas on a dartboard: “Maybe if I just make the button yellow we’ll get more conversions…”  

If you're like me, and any of the above points describe you, then you're tired of these half-baked approaches to growth which "work" (if you like guessing and failing 99 times out of 100).  

So, I started searching to see if I could find a better solution to grow your sales and mine this year…

The short answer is I couldn't find one. But I did end up reading through 100's of AB test case studies buried across dozens of different websites (many of which are no longer online). 

About 60% of these case studies weren't credible or weren't statistically valid. 

But the remaining ones... Well, those were pure gold

Because, after 12 years as an entrepreneur and digital marketer, I can tell you there's no "ultimate secret" to growing your sales — except that copying what is proven to work — WORKS.

This is why, today, I’m excited to introduce you to: 

Proven Sales Conversion Pack 

It is a curated collection of 313 credible, easy-to-copy conversion optimization case studies. It's like a sortable & searchable library of proven sales-boosting tactics, tweaks, and "tricks" for your website

Companies in and around your market niche spent $100,000's to successfully AB test these ideas. Each case is made bite-sized, teaching you "why & how it works" and the simple steps to "copy-and-paste" their success on to your website.

Different from a course or an ebook, the Proven Sales Conversion Pack can drive you more leads, sales, and profits right now. It is an instant competitive advantage for rapid sales growth.

  • Pays for itself. The Conversion Pack takes as little as 15 minutes of total work to pay for itself (for proof of this, see below...). 
  • Save $1,000's & months of time. No more guessing when you have hard data on how to fix your sales or lead gen problem. See results in a little as 1 day.
  • Tested ideas that work for you. Uncover similar businesses to yours who have already overcome conversion rate roadblocks you are struggling with.

Say goodbye to "stagnant sales" and hello to ramped-up revenue

Let's review the benefits you get...

Benefit #1 

Copying a single example from the Pack could easily grow your sales by 50% or more. 

Find a relevant idea in the Conversion Pack, many you can "paste" them onto your website in 15 minutes (or even less in some cases), and then permanently grow your sales or leads. It's that easy. 

Most of the AB tested ideas I extracted for you are simple tweaks, but with a meaningful impact on your revenue and bottom-line (30%, 93%, 203%, and higher in many cases).

Here are 3 examples of how the Pack can easily grow your sales by 50% or more:

The 1st example (Relevant for anyone selling professional services) 

In 2017 AutoGrow launched a brand new productized service. In 2 months, we grew sales from 0 to six-figures in monthly recurring revenue. The following was a key factor in how we did it...

AutoGrow was an agency at the time, and I had no clue if this new service was going to sell. Especially because I had just raised our monthly fees to be slightly under $2,000 per month, per client account. 

This was... ahem... a 600% increase from our previous pricing structure.  


So everything was going "Okay" after launch, but I knew we needed more leads...  

Then I got kind of lucky because I stumbled across a case study while doing research for a blog article.

It was from a conversion consultant who had grown lead conversions by 900% for a "fleet car tracking software" company. The case study had nothing to do with selling marketing services, but was relevant to how I wanted to sell our productized service.

So, I copied the main idea from it. It required recording a short 20-min demo video and changing some text on a call-to-action button. About 2 hours of work total.  

The result was a 481% increase in leads (each lead was asked to give the exact same contact info as before).  

The kicker was we also observed a 70% close rate with these client leads once we got on the phone. I was blown away by how well it worked.  

You can "get lucky" like I did by copying the success of this and 312 other lead and sales-boosting case studies when you order the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.  

How would a 481% increase in qualified leads affect your sales this year? Sounds difficult to imagine, but you could grow even faster than that with the Conversion Pack.

The second example (Relevant for info products, consultants, or SaaS businesses) 

During my 100+ hours of research before creating the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, I stumbled upon a case study that showed how one company grew its sales by simply reassuring customers and emphasizing their guarantee at checkout. I decided to copy it.

The screenshots of before (left) and after (right) the tweak are below.

It took me 15 minutes to copy the case study's main idea by editing the template in our checkout tool, SamCart.

The result was that sales conversions increased by 50%! (see screenshot below of our AB test for this, which was tested to the point of 99% statistical confidence and continues to hold true).

This was for one of our tripwire products, and without factoring in revenue from upsells, this one tiny tweak will net us at least an additional $3,290 this year. 

Thanks to the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, a single 15 minute change will convert 50% more customers for us in the months ahead.  

I'm now testing the same change on our other checkout pages. So far, it appears to be growing sales by 10-40% for our more expensive products.

How many sales are you losing that you could be converting with a simple 15 minute fix?  

The case study that inspired our 50% sales increase is, of course, featured along with 312 others in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

Finally, here's the 3rd example (Relevant for Ecommerce)  

Let’s take the case study of an e-commerce company selling a deodorant product online. Your landing page copy might be "passive" like it was for this business.  

Their headline read: "Feel fresh without sweat marks."

But when they changed their copy to be more action-oriented (e.g. "Put an end to sweat marks!") conversion to the checkout page increased by 93%, or nearly double.  

How would doubling the number of people who arrive on your checkout page affect your sales?  

Find out, when you order the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

I truly believe this may be the most valuable product I've created to date—because it's so easy to start growing your business with it as you can see from the examples above. You can see results in as little as one day and in just a few minutes or hours of work.  

Jordan Gal, Founder & YCA Shops (Sold) 

"Learning from the success of others, and applying their tactics to your own business is a modern superpower."

"You need to be humble enough to be open to the ideas of other people, and then creative enough to understand how to apply it to your context. With the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, Matt and AutoGrow have put together both learnings and a ton of guidance on how to apply it to your business. That’s a recipe for more sales, more conversions, and more success."

Benefit #2

No more guessing how to get your sales "unstuck".

No more painful, expensive, or risky re-designs while "hoping & praying" for a positive result.

No complex funnels to build or campaigns to launch. 

No need to invest a lot of time, like with a book or course.

No need to put your faith in a "marketing guru". 

Instead, you'll put your faith in hard data because other companies actually took the risk and successfully tested this stuff. 

This is like a compass that points you straight to what works because these are AB tested tactics and tweaks you can model in minutes. 

Stuart Brent Founder / Owner, & (Sold) 

"This sales conversion pack is chock full of ideas that really worked for other companies"

"Improving your conversion rate on your website is so powerful if you want more signups and sales, and most companies don’t even think about (or sometimes know!) their conversion rate."

"This sales conversion pack is chock full of ideas that really worked for other companies (psychological tricks, best practices, design tips, etc) and it’s nice that they’re bite sized so that you could implement them individually to test them out, or do a major conversion-focused overhaul of your site by putting a ton of these ideas to work at once. Brilliant stuff."

Benefit #3

Find relevant conversion tweaks that already worked to grow sales for businesses similar to yours. 

From coaching, agencies, and B2C / B2B professional services, to Ecommerce, SaaS, info products, and more—the Conversion Pack contains 313 AB tested ideas and insights for every market niche and every conversion goal (sales, lead gen, email list building). 

Whether it's your market or a specific conversion goal you want to improve, we've organized the collection by business types and other categories. Via the sort / search feature on the spreadsheet, you'll quickly uncover highly relevant, conversion-boosting ideas from businesses just like yours.  

Business Category Types Include:

Info Products


Professional Services


Consulting / Coaching




You'll find many relevant ideas to model from the Pack, including from established companies like...  

And, while you can find plenty of businesses cases similar to yours, you can also get powerful ideas from case studies that don't "exactly fit" your business / market. For example, the conversion idea that grew AutoGrow's agency leads 481% (see benefit #1 above) came from a company that sold "fleet (car) tracking software"... which had nothing to do with the service we were selling!

To help you efficiently find the exact “conversion-booster” you need right now, I also tagged each case study.  

Just search for a keyword tag and find what you need.  

For example, tags include:  

Pricing Homepage Headlines Lead Magnets List Building CTA buttons Social proof  

Guarantee Copywriting USP Lead generation Form design Email Images  

Clicks Free trial / signups Sales Upsells Increase LTV And more...  

Business categories and tags are just two of the ways you can quickly find the most relevant case studies to model for your business or conversion situation. You can also sort by: 

  • Conversion rate increase % (e.g. 30%, 90%, and 1000%+ growth in some case studies)
  • Difficulty to copy which ranges from "Super Easy (5-15 minutes)" to "Hard (2+ hours)". The vast majority of case studies rank between super easy and medium (45 minutes).
  • Conversion Type (e.g. sales, leads, or email list building).

Here's a screenshot of a few more of the sortable options in the spreadsheet. 

What will you find for first in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack to lubricate your sales or lead flow?  

What battle-tested, revenue-getting ideas will you uncover when you have all of the tested, best-in-class conversion successes in one easy-to-flip-thru (or search through) resource?

Andrew Prickett SEO Consultant / Agency Startup BlueCoatDigital 

"All I can say is bravo"

"All I can say is bravo, Matt and AutoGrow. I love the fact that so much well vetted, and highly actionable content is in one place. Also, impressed with the clear explanation and visual representation in each case study."

"I'm still going through the early release material and can say without batting an eye that the conversion pack gives any business owner who applies what's inside an unfair market advantage."

The Proven Sales Conversion Pack grows your conversion rates with 3 key features

  • 1st is the Visual Flipbook This allows you to casually browse the collection, or to look up a specific case study by ID number. Each page in the Visual Flipbook includes the before and after images, my original analysis of the result, why it works, and how you can copy it.
  • 2nd: "Digital Persuasion Patterns" Video Pack. I've recorded 20 bite-sized videos (5-7 minutes each) to walk you thru the best "digital persuasion patterns" I observed and learned from making the Pack. These are patterns that worked across multiple case studies regardless of business type or market. I would recommend copying these immediately.
  • 3rd: the Searchable / Sortable Spreadsheet. Using the spreadsheet, you can instantly sort through all of the case studies by business type, tags, conversion rate increase, statistical confidence, e.g. "I only want to look at ones with a 99%+ confidence rate to start...", or by keywords.

In regards to the spreadsheet, in benefit #3 above I explained how the Pack makes it easy to find the most relevant, easy-to-copy conversion ideas for your business.

How It Works

Step 1: Find a relevant idea to copy

Get immediate access to the Pack after you buy. Use it anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Get started by finding an idea that worked to grow leads or sales for a similar business in a similar situation or market niche. 

Do this by sorting the spreadsheet by business type, tags, conversion rates, easy-of-implementation, and more. Or, browse the visual flipbook.

Note: All of the case studies in the Conversion Pack are high value, with amazing revenue-grabbing insights. For example, I grew client leads for our agency by 481% by modeling a case study from a company selling a software product. See full story under benefit #1 above.

Step 2: Model the idea in minutes on your website 

Follow the bite-sized instructions I wrote for how to copy the main idea behind the successful AB test on to your website. 217 out of 313 case studies can be copied in 45 minutes or less.

No need to guess. The hard work is already done for you by me and the companies that published these AB test case studies. This is why the Proven Sales Conversion Pack makes it easy to “copy-and-paste” the success of others into your website.  

Step 3: Watch As Your Leads, Sales, & Profits Ramp Up

With the idea implemented, sit back and watch your sales conversion rate (or leads) rise. 

Unless you have a lot of traffic, running an AB test is not necessary. A sequence test (meaning: check your analytics before and after) works fine.

Continue to gain new insights and "copy-and-paste" the next conversion boosting idea on to your website for compoundng results.

Peter Nyiri, Founder

"I watched 16 of the videos and went through the visual flipbook. Wow. I am stunned..."

"When you say website conversion, people probably think AB testing. This Sales Conversion Pack by contains actionable data you will never get with your own AB testing. In fact, it’s like AB testing on steroids. I have seen the tests… we are not talking about a 3 percent increase. Rather, it’s 30, 90, 600 percent increase."

"The material demonstrated is not theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Visually presented practical stuff that you want to implement right away. Everything is backed up with lots of no-BS data and real life examples."

Pricing and Availability

Many case studies from the Pack show how companies doubled their sales or earned a 200% increase in leads generated...

Imagine: what would a permanent increase in your sales of just 30% equate to in annual revenue?

And then imagine achieving that (and more), but with minimal time, effort, and headache. 

What would that be worth to you?...

A few years back, when I doubled revenue (from $300,000 annually to $750,000 annually) for a client by redesigning her sales funnel, AutoGrow charged $9,500 for this service. Clearly, that price was cheap compared to the value. 

Later, when we offered a done-for-you, productized sales funnel service as an agency, we charged $20,000 per year, per client, per funnel.

Of course, I’m not going to price this resource at $20,000, but something like $500 you’d agree—based on the results you can achieve above—would be a fair price, right?

Today, as part of our launch special, you can get access by ordering the Proven Sales Conversion Pack now as part of our limited time special for just one-time payment of $297 $197.

  • All 313 proven, AB tested case studies included
  • Digital Products
  • Lead generation
  • Ecommerce
  • Original "Why it Works" analysis + "How to Copy"
  • Visual Flipbook 
  • All 20 Digital Persuasion Patterns Video Pack
Yes, I'm Ready to Order the Conversion Pack

I created the Proven Sales Conversion Pack for action-takers like you

To help you invest with peace of mind and make this an easy decision for you. It comes with a...  

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want to benefit if you aren’t benefiting, it’s as simple as that.

And I know this product will grow your business, your leads, and your bottom-line profits if you follow the three simple steps above.

If for some unforeseen reason you don’t love it or it doesn’t get you the results you expect, just email us showing you took action on at least two ideas from the pack within 60 days of purchasing and we’ll give you a full refund.  

Common Questions

Question: How much of a time commitment is this?


This highlights one of the biggest benefits of the Sales Conversion Pack because, unlike a course, you can extract value right away when you get access.  

Here's how...  

First, you get access and find a relevant idea you want to copy.  

The Pack lets you quickly find the Right Conversion Idea to copy by sorting thru the list of case studies based on (1) estimated time to complete — most range from just 15 min to 2 hours, (2) you can also sort by type of business, and (3) you can search by conversion / sales situation (wherever you suspect potential customers are getting "stuck" right now).  

2nd, there are 313 amazing case studies total, so another way I'm making it easy to get started is I created a mini-list of my top 20 favorites "digital persuasion patterns" and I'm walking you thru them, on video.  

3rd, to eliminate guesswork the Pack includes the recommended steps to implement each idea and get results fast.

See benefits 1-3 above for more details. In general, a majority of the converson ideas in the Pack take between 5 minutes to 1 hour to implement.

Question: Will the Conversion Pack help me in my particular market niche?


Yes, because as shown in benefit #3 above, the Pack covers every type of business so you will find relevant case studies. You can also sort and search more specifically for certain situations based on tags. You can also find the perfect case study by sorting by conversion rate increase or difficulty level (most are ranked between Super Easy (5-15 minutes) and Medium (45 minutes).

Question: What was the criteria for the case studies in this curated collection?


We had some pretty strong minimum requirements. Here's an overview:

  • Had to show credibility in the quality of the original write-up
  • Have to have a minimum statistical significance of 95% (and clearly state it)
  • Had to communicate clearly what specific change was made
  • Had to have a teachable nugget (couldn't have just "gotten lucky")
  • Had to appear likely to work if copied for a similar or different situation  

If you have more questions, ask us in the chat!

Ready to order your copy of the Proven Sales Conversion Pack? Click below now.  

Ready to Stop Struggling and Guessing How to Grow Your Sales? You’ve Got Two Options...

Option 1:

Continue guessing how to grow your sales. Continue relying on “weak,” “free” ideas from so-called “experts” who don’t back-up their numbers and who don't have "skin in the game", like you do...


Option 2:

Invest in your business’s growth for just $297 $197 with the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, then find your first idea, and see results in as little as 1 day. It’s that easy.

Order today for access to this curated collection before we sell out and the price goes up again.

This is the premium resource of winning ideas and revenue-grabbing insights I wish I had months, even years ago.

But you can have it today for a fraction of the time it will save, and a fraction of value it will produce for you.  

Keep convertin’, stay focused,  


About the Author:  

Matt Ackerson is the Founder and CEO of and the creator of Proven Sales Conversion Pack. He established the business in 2010 in New York as a web design agency, later selling a productized done-for-you sales funnel service. To date, AutoGrow has generated $19 million in sales for over 600 clients, and attracted 1,200 students in the first 11 months since the company transitioned to products. 

Matt and AutoGrow have been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, Mixergy, and Techcrunch, among others. Matt established AutoGrow with the enduring mission to accelerate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. He works daily with his team to continuously accomplish this for all their customers.