Ever Used a Russell Brunson-Type Funnel, Where You Sell Right Off the Bat?


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  • In this video, I answer a question from an audience member like you who asks if it’s too aggressive to sell right away.
  • I prove why it’s not in most instances, using examples from AutoGrow’s past success.

Hey, it’s Matt again from AutoGrow.co. Today, I’m answering an audience member’s question…

The Question

“Hi, Matt. A common sales funnel in the internet or digital marketing space looks like this. Step one, you offer a lead magnet in exchange for an email address. Step two, you nurture the prospect with a series of emails. Step three, you sell your product using scarcity, for example, doors are closing. I’ve had good success with this dialog, “nurture first, sell later” funnel.

However, I’ve heard of other people having really great success with a more aggressive approach. A funnel might look like this… Step one, you offer the lead magnet. Step two, prospect is immediately brought to a thank you page, but it’s actually an offer for a tripwire, usually $7 to $27. Step three, those that buy the tripwire are pitched a more expensive product, or the core product, as I would call it. Step four, optional more upsells or downsells. And step five, those that actually don’t take the tripwire offer are put to some sort of email nurture sequence like the one described above.

Have you ever tried something like that?



P.S. My niche is plumbing. I sell an info product that teaches do-it-yourselfers how to do their own plumbing. Feel free to share my question.”

Matt’s Answer

Hi, well, thanks for that question, Dylan. I really appreciate it. I think what you’re really asking here is, does it work? You want to know if it’s worth doing for your business, right?

The answer is that, yes, it does work, and yes, we actually do practice that here within our own funnel at AutoGrow. In fact, if someone actually joins our email list right now, they will be brought to a tripwire offer page. If they accept that offer, then we will work to upsell them on a higher-value product at a higher price point, depending on which ones they accept or reject in terms of upsells and downsells.

In fact, a tripwire funnel is one of three that marketer Russell Brunson recommends for more sales.

The answer is that we have done it, and it really works. I recommend you do it as well to have a more complete funnel. When people join an email list, there’s usually something emotional that happens. Something to make them say, “Okay, I’m on this website. I’m seeing a bit of value here. My questions are being answered. It’s worth me joining this email list and maybe I’ll learn something else interesting.”

According to a HubSpot infographic, the emotions that might drive a sale aren’t always positive. Sometimes customers are driven by fear (fear of missing out, or not having your product simplify their lives) or guilt. Most of the time though, the feelings associated with buying a product like yours would be positive, including belonging and instant gratification.

Check out the infographic in its entirety below.

They’re making a judgment that they want to give you their personal information. There’s a bit of trust happening there right away, like the HubSpot infographic shows. If you watch whenever you join an email list yourself, you may notice a similar effect.

I’ve noticed it with myself, where there’s just something, like some sort of switch that flips when you get a certain amount of value. Or when you’re reading or watching on someone else’s website and it resonates with you. You say, “I need more content like this. This is addressing the problem or questions that I have right now.”

So you decide to join the email list. When you’re in that state, it’s actually a really great opportunity to make your first offer. In fact, according to email template resource, EmailMonks, email marketing in 2017 saw an ROI boost of 122%. That makes it more profitable than paid search, direct mail, and even social media four times over.

I wouldn’t even say that it’s aggressive necessarily, which was your word. If your product is going to solve a problem people have, I wouldn’t consider that aggressive. I  consider it actually a good opportunity for both parties to potentially make a transaction, right? If you believe in the value of your product, then you want to look at all opportunities like this to sell it to people who you can solve a problem for.

I would go further though, just to kind to give you a benchmark. If you look at some of the older videos from earlier in the year, when we just came out with our first tripwire, we were already at the point where we were selling $10,000 on our tripwire product per year and growing.

When we realized that I was kind of kicking myself, saying, “Why I didn’t do this sooner?” The answer was because we weren’t specialized as a product business at the time. We were a product tie-in service agency.

Anyway, when you sell the tripwire, the typical conversion rate that you want to look for is usually in the range of 7% to 10% of people who see that will take the offer. Then from there, if you have a wider range of products like we do, you can make your core offer.

We’ve worked to develop this over time where we have some more entry-level products leading up to our core offer, which would be our Six-Figure Sales Funnel. In that training, by the way, whether you’re a service business or you’re an info product business, as is your case, Dylan, we teach people how to come up with their tripwire and then move them to the next level offer. In this case, it might be for your core product.

If you want to learn more about how to actually do this step-by-step in kind of an over-the-shoulder, nitty gritty-type of knowledge, I recommend that you check out our Six-Figure Funnel training.

Those are some steps and good facts for you to use in deciding whether it’s worth implementing for your business. It absolutely works. Customers like it, from my experience, because they’re buying the product and we’re getting a lot of compliments on it. It works to maximize the customer lifetime value as well.

In other words, people who feel that they know enough about their problem and the product that you’re offering them will take the offer right there on the spot versus you having to nurture them. Some people, honestly, are at the point where they’re ready to invest in your product. It’s okay to go back to the word that you used, aggressive. It’s okay to make an offer immediately.

Have a Question?

If you have another question, pop it into the form that I’m putting on our webpage directly below where this video is embedded. I’ll consider using it in an upcoming video. So until next time, my name is Matt Ack in Matt hat, delivering your daily dose of Matt Hacks. Like, subscribe, share, and, until next time, keep hustling and stay focused.

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