Matt Ackerson Discusses the 30 Day Challenge: Doubling Leads in a Month

Jeff Simpson, content writer for AutoGrow, chatted with CEO Matt Ackerson to find out more about the 30 Day Challenge.

The 30 Day Challenge goal is to double AutoGrow’s leads, which should also double revenue as well.

“We’re practicing what we preach,” Ackerson says, “We’ve seen what works for our clients.”

So how specifically is Ackerson going to double leads in a month?

It’s no small task. In fact, it’s a list of 22 tasks that he has to accomplish this month. (It’s a meticulously organized and calculated list, sure, but it’s still a lot to undertake.)

An email autoresponder funnel, retargeting, and exit detection pop-ups are the three tactics Ackerson believes will have the most significant impact from his list.

He’s less certain of the outcome for some other ideas he’s implementing- setting up an automated call to respond within ten minutes to those who opt into a service or making AutoGrow’s site secure- but he’s tackling them with excitement all the same.

“Sometimes small changes can have an outsized effect.”

It was large changes (a complete website redesign and a content delivery network that speeds up website loading time) that almost doubled leads before the 30 Day Challenge even had a chance to get off the ground, however.

That’s one of the joys of trying new tactics, though – discovering what works well.

One tactic Ackerson hasn’t shied away from is offering consulting advice for free.

“It’s a service because it’s partially or fully customized to the client…this concept of teaching is not something to fear is going to make you lose sales. If anything, it’s going to position you as a thought leader, and it’s actually going to build a relationship, and create a desire to purchase your product.”

For example, an article titled “12 Best Sales Funnel Examples to Help Your Website Convert More Customers“can be found in the top results for “sales funnel” on Google. It’s an article that breaks down exactly what a website sales funnel looks like and offers specifics on how to create one. The article is a resource that has helped bring in traffic.

Ackerson has also been detailing each step of the 30 Day Challenge in blog posts that can be found on AutoGrow’s website. Labeled by days, they offer even further insight into each step of his process. Anyone can follow along, and he often posts videos as well.

“It’s a lot easier for people to connect with a person, than it is for people to connect with some kind of anonymous author or brand.”

What has been most challenging so far, though?

Structural changes pose the most difficulty. Ackerson will be making changes to how AutoGrow’s content marketing system works:

  • adding news posts on relevant subjects within the marketing sphere
  • producing more in-depth content to facilitate conversations and social sharing
  • creating evergreen content as resources

“I think there’s an opportunity to deliver even more value to our target audience.”

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Ackerson’s hope through the the 30 Day Challenge is that by showing exactly how he plans to double leads in that time he will also be building relationships with AutoGrow’s target audience and nurturing them.

He knows what he needs to do to improve AutoGrow’s lead generation situation and wants to share those ideas and strategies with all who are interested.

“I think it’s just a fun idea, and so far it’s already making really great progress.”

There’s only a few days left to the challenge now. Will Ackerson reach his goals? Check out AutoGrow’s blog daily for updates.


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