How To Use Ad Re-targeting Through Facebook

Sometimes you just need a reminder. Have you ever been told to get something in the other room, so you dutifully walk there and as soon as you’re through the doorway immediately forget what you were supposed to retrieve, forcing you to return with a sheepish look, needing a reminder that it was obviously a roll of paper towels?

sales funnel

You’ve done that, I’m sure you have, because it’s happened to everyone. It honestly happened to me right before I started writing this article. I forgot what I walked into basement for and stood there with a confused look for much longer than I should have, until someone yelled down to hurry up with the printer paper.

This can happen with your sales funnel as well: your customer might be in need of a reminder.

Growing a business requires customer value optimization, where the number of customers increases or the average transaction value per customer increases or the number of transactions per customer increases.

Big trend here: increasing.

Your sales funnel is supposed to help you increase, it should be providing a simple and visual path for a customer from their first to final action aka from the initial point of awareness to the sale.

Offer a lead magnet > offer an initial deal > offer the core product > offer product upgrade.

Your customer should be taking each step and will eventually have taken all of the offers and be very satisfied. Doesn’t always work out like that though, just like when you forgot to grab the paper towels, you took the steps there but then needed a reminder to actually grab the product, customers might also need a reminder to take your product offers.

Ad re-targeting is an easy way to follow up on any customer who may have started the process but got distracted at some point through the first to final action pathway.

There are tons of distractions out there and this can happen at any point of your sales funnel.

The smart marketer will set up a system to bring their prospect back to the offer they abandoned. Let’s all aim to be smart marketers, so we’ll get started on how to use ad re-targeting effectively.


An effective way is through Facebook, using the site’s custom audience features.

Many businesses have Facebook pages, which is a great way to get noticed and build relationships with customers. It can be a great way to let word-of-mouth take your company even further too. Honestly, it is expected that a business will have a Facebook page. But even if your Facebook page is getting tons of traffic you could still be missing out on sales and potential customers. Your visitors could be getting stuck at some point of your sales funnel and need a reminder to keep going. Luckily, Facebook offers a service to remedy this. AND it’s pretty simple and requires very little up-keep so you can focus on other areas of your business growth.


What Can We Use Website Custom Audiences (WCA) For?

It allows you to be precise in how you reach your audience, it’s simple to set up, and it will run on its own – eliminating a lot of busy work. Here are some examples of how you can use this service:


  • Encourage revisits by sending related or similar content to visitors who looked at certain content or certain sections. The theory that: If they liked that, then they will probably like this.

cookieLike that?


milk Like this?

Yeah, I thought so. (And sorry for the inevitable of making you hungry for cookies and milk!)

  • You’ll know what stage of the sales funnel the visitor is on and can reach out to them to complete the next action. For example, if the visitor lands on the core offer page, meaning they have taken the initial deal, but they haven’t landed on the product upgrade page then an ad can be sent to remind them of the offer and next step to take. It’s more personalized and it’s more immediate through Facebook.
  • Send a thank-you or welcome message to visitors who completed a desired action such as purchased a product or signed up for a new service. Make them feel appreciated, comfortable, and aware of where they are in the process.
  • Cross-sell by reaching out to visitors who bought a particular product. Again, if they like that, then they will probably like this.
  • You can reach out to visitors who have not visited your site in a while. You can even set up two different WCA’s with different duration times. (include WCA visitors who have visited over the last 180 days then exclude WCA visitors who visited over the last 150 days).

BONUS MATERIAL: Want to make sure your sales funnel is set up properly before starting on ad re-targeting? Check out this quick checklist!


How Do We Create a Website Custom Audience?


If you already understand using a Facebook pixel (piece of code, for those not in the know) then you can skip this how-to. If not then check out this simple guide to set yours set up:

  • In Ads Manager select “Audiences” from left-hand menu, then select “Create Audiences”, and then choose “Custom Audience” and once a new box pops up select “Custom Audience from Your Website.”
  • You’ll be asked to accept Facebook’s terms for this service so that you can install your pixel!
  • Click “View Remarketing Pixel” to install this onto all pages of your website in the header template (this code should be inserted before the < /body> tag).
  • Now you’re ready to start creating different website custom audiences!
  • In the “Name” column, you can create different audience groupings.
  • “Visited”: This is where you can get specific. Tell Facebook how you want to target users based on sections of your website.
  • “Duration”: You can set how far back to target your visitors, with the maximum being 180 days. If you choose thirty days then you’re reaching everyone who has visited your site or page for the last 30 days. Simple enough!
  • Just remember that you’ll need at least 20 or more people to visit your pages before Facebook will start building the audience.

 How Do We Create the Re-targeting Ad?

  • Next to the audience that you want to see your ad, click on “Create Ad.”
  • You can create similar ads for all the steps of your sales funnel and use similar copy to keep things simple and easy.
  • Use these ads to remind your potential customers to keep taking the next step.


Being able to precisely target an audience is a great tool in marketing and with Facebook’s WCA it is easier than ever. In sales it is always important to follow up and that is why ad re-targeting is essential to increasing your business. Reminding your potential customers to take the next step in your sales funnel could be all they need to take the plunge.

Quick Tips To Remember:

  • Offer a lead magnet > offer an initial deal > offer the core product > offer product upgrade.
  • The theory that: If they liked that, then they will probably like this.
  • Ad-retrageting can be immediate through Facebook – great benefit.
  • Ad-retargeting through Facebook takes a lot of the busy work out.
  • Sometimes people just need a friendly reminder!


If you want to see even more of the benefits of using social media with your sales funnel then check below for a more visual presentation from Visualistan, an inforgraphic sharing site:


Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media #infographic

BONUS MATERIAL: Need help on making your sales funnel perfect? Want to make sure your sales funnel is set up properly before starting on ad re-targeting? Just need a reminder of everything a sales funnel should include? Check out this quick checklist! It’s simple and effective!


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