How to Systematically Double Your Business Month After Month


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What’s up everyone? This is Matt Ackerson.

I’m the founder of and this is the first official (I’m giving it the certified official seal of the “Matt Hacks in your Matt Hat”) series.

So the way that this is going to work is, I’m actually going to be putting out four of these videos every single week in addition to the once-a-week resource—an in-depth resource if you will—article that we put out to you where we give you examples of sales funnels, and how to grow your traffic and grow your email list.

What we’re changing though…and what I think is really exciting is, each week is going to have a theme, and you’re going to want to follow along and I’ll tell you why.

So back in, I want to say 2009 or 2010, I first stumbled upon, which was founded by Andrew Warner. And Andrew has to date, since then, interviewed, I believe it’s over 1,200 or 1,300 entrepreneurs, one-on-one in-depth for at least an hour each.

Juan Martitegui’s Model for Growing Your Business

One of his early interviews was with Juan Martitegui, the founder of MindValley Hispano. And they sell different info products to Latin America. But of the two interviews that have always stuck with me from listening to Mixergy for probably hundreds of hours (honestly…it’s a great program go check it out if you’re not already familiar with it, it’s is Juan, as the founder of MindValley Hispano, took his business and was geometrically able to grow it with such consistency and precision month over month, and then in this interview he explains how he did it.

As an aside, according to MindValley Insights’ bio on Juan, today he has a seven-figure income stream and a subscriber count of more than half a million people.

He gave a very simple model, a model that’s always stayed with me and that I’m adapting, or adapting into our own process here at, and the way it works is simple. And the way it’s going to work…and why you’re going to want to follow along like this, is how it’s going to work too, in the weeks ahead.

So as he explained it, each week—and it could be longer depending on the type of business you have; you could do it in one-week intervals, two weeks, a month—but each week you have a core focus. And you’re focused on the different levers that can grow your business.

And how do you grow your business? Well, you could grow your business with more traffic, you could grow your business with more email subscribers, you could grow your business getting more sales and conversions or you could grow your business by getting existing customers to purchase more. In other words, increasing the overall lifetime value of a customer to your business through upsells, cross-sells, down-sells, referral marketing, for instance, whatever.

So that’s what we’re doing here at AutoGrow, and I’m going to be sharing the journey with you. Each week, I’m going to tell you what we’re learning, I’m going to be showing the mistakes that we’re making. I’m going to be giving you a real, authentic, under-the-hood-look as we go through this process.

And yeah, I mean we are an established company, but I still think of us as a startup, especially this year. Because this year, you know, it’s brand new, we’re moving away from services, we’re going fast in the direction of becoming an established company as an info product business.

We don’t have a lot of revenue yet. Right? But it’s going to be really fun, we’re going to learn a lot, I’m confident that we’ll figure it out as we go and we’re going to learn about you and your audience and deliver you products and free resources as well that you’re going to love. And I’m going to be making these videos as well.

So you’re going to learn a lot from just following along on the journey. I’m going to keep these videos nice and short. I’m going to try to keep them all to about five minutes. This one will probably run about maybe nine minutes or 10.

So again, this is following a proven process from Juan Martitegui, and I’ve used it for different smaller periods of time in the past and it worked. Because it’s just that focus where it limits you and it says, “You know, you can’t look over here and you can’t look over here and grow your business.” You just say, “Okay, I’m going to grow the business this week by doing whatever I can to focus on traffic,” right?

Our Documentation Process Via Trello

So let me give you a little bit of the behind the scenes look at this Trello board that we’ve set up to document the different ideas, keep it all organized. And maybe you want to copy our framework, or maybe you want to adopt this into your own. So let’s go ahead and take a look at that, and we’ll take a preview of what’s coming up as well.

Okay, so this is our Trello board, and you can see that we have three simple columns. We have a fourth one that maybe we’ll use in the future when we want to  get a little more sophisticated.

And the sun is setting, so maybe by the end of this video you’ll see my face kind of go a little dark. I’ve got Medellin, Colombia in the background behind me, by the way. It’s a really beautiful view. I feel so lucky to be here, to be able to travel while I’m doing this. So anyway, I’ll give you some more of that view in another video.

We’ve got three columns: ideas, made and real. So in the ideas column, these are ideas that I will brainstorm with our team throughout the week and we’ll just toss ideas into here. And in terms of the structure that I told you about that Juan Martitegui first proposed, we have the different levels of the funnel. We have traffic, we have emails, sales and lifetime value of the customer where you’re maximizing the value and the profit of that relationship.

So you can see that we did a little hashtag with each…in front of each idea here. I like to mark the ones that are actively in-progress with yellow, and then I’ll mark them in green over in the real column when they’re actually done. And Trello provides a really great interface to be able to collaborate with your team. You can attach images. We use pretty much Skype and this to stay organized in terms of getting tasks done.

Here’s a case study from German rail brand Deutsche Bahn and how they manage their 600 thousand tons of freight and six billion (and counting) customers via an Enterprise-level Trello account, just as another example of a successful company using Trello.

Why Creativity Loves Limits

And again, the big benefit to doing this, is that each week you have a focused theme and you’re limiting yourself. And as Ken Robinson said in one of his famous talks and I believe another colleague of his for TED, he said, “Creativity love limits.” Right?

Creativity love limits because it focuses you to see things in a specific area that you may not have otherwise seen. And I can give you a testimonial to that right now, just this past week because…

For example, I have limited myself for at least the first six months of this year. I’m not allowed to build any side projects, any projects, I’m not allowed to code. I’m going to focus on utilizing all of the tools, and our existing audience, and our existing brand, everything, I’m going to build on top of what we have in order to grow the business. I’m not going to go off and take any crazy risks. I’m just going to be real focused. And then further each week, I’m going to be focused on, okay, traffic, email leads, etc.


If you dig the AutoGrowth Funnel Framework, then you’ll benefit from having our famous 11-point perfect sales funnel checklist handy. Grab it here.

So if you want to follow along with us as we go along this journey, please do so, because the content that we’re going to be putting out each week is going to be related to that. And I think that you’ll get a lot of it. I think that you’ll feel like you’re right there with us, and you can also leave comments, you can ask questions about something that you’re doing. And it’s going to be relevant and we can learn from each other and go back and forth. And you’ll probably inspire me for ideas with questions that you might have for a future Matt Hacks video. All right?

So I will stop it there and tomorrow we’re coming out with our article. So usually Tuesdays we’re pretty good, pretty religious about getting articles out on Tuesdays and once or twice we miss it. But we’re going to come out with our article resource and then the rest of the week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, will be another Matt Hacks video. All right?

So follow along. I’ll see you tomorrow on the blog article. God, I just don’t want to call it a blog post. I really, really don’t want to call it a blog post. It seems to cheapen it, in my opinion, because we really put research into these things.

Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow in the article resource that we put out there. I still can’t say it. And I’ll see you in the next video. Take care. Talk soon.

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