How to Create Your 1st Mini Product Launch Funnel

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  • Creating a mini launch funnel is a great way to get started with the basics of the sales funnel
  • I’ll be using my side gig with Mariana, our startup cookie company, as an example for this and future videos

Hey, guys. How’s it going? Matt Ackerson here, the Founder of, as you may already know. And in this video, I’m talking about how to create your first mini launch funnel. I think this is an ideal video for startup entrepreneurs because oftentimes, all you need in order to know that something is possible is to start seeing results.

Our cookie project

And as anyone who has been following the videos I’ve been putting out over the course of the last six months may know, I’ve partnered with my girlfriend. She’s a first-time entrepreneur and we are launching a gluten-free cooking, recipe, and food brand. We started off by doing it in Huntington, New York, over the holidays.

Basically, she created this Latin American cookie recipe that was delicious and, it turns out, gluten-free, and we started selling it at the local stores in town. We left the country after the holidays and traveled to Colombia to hang out with friends there.

We realized that we couldn’t keep going with the business because frankly, the export tax on exporting cookies was just way too high. So, we had to figure out a different way to get this company going. I suggested that we do an info product to start and go from there. And my girlfriend, Mariana, came up with the idea of the recipe cookbook, and she put that together.

Launching a mini funnel

So, what I want to talk about in this video with you guys is not so much the story behind the company, but to show you how we’re preparing to launch this brand’s new mini funnel. We’re just launching the cookbook to our initial email audience that we’ve built up through Instagram and from some personal contacts.

We’re not expecting to get rich off of it, but I think that for anyone who is a first-time entrepreneur or who is considering selling products or info products online, or even if you work a corporate job and you’re thinking about doing something on the side as a side hustle, it’s really just seeing that it’s possible. I know that in the past, I found it to be the most inspiring and the most motivating to actually take action and keep going with the idea.

Briefly, let me just show you some of the main components, what it all looks like. For this mini launch funnel, what we have is a basic email list. It’s going to be about 100 or 150 contacts, both personal and people that we’ve worked with through Instagram. And we have about 250 followers right now. The name of the company is Vookies, if you wanna check it out. We actually may rebrand it very soon. We’re likely to rebrand it to be B-breader, since it’s gluten-free–

So, we have the email list, and that’s asset number one. We have the email newsletter that we wrote, where we’re going to try to personally reach out to people, to tell them about our story. What we’re doing and why we’re launching this first product, the cookbook, and why it’s valuable. And then we have the sales page. We actually have a full website that Mariana has been working really hard to put together.

Frankly, I think that some of her designs for the landing page are actually better than we have on AutoGrow, so it kinda makes me want to step up our game. I think that it may be because of the quality of the photos, and I think the writing is also really good. I’ve been working with her on that, the copywriting. And I think that we’ll see it probably, a pretty good conversion rate.

We built this on Thrive Themes, by the way. And then, we have the checkout page. We’re pricing the cookbook at $9 a piece. So basically, we’re looking at this as a tripwire, long-term for the business, but it’s very exciting. I’m excited to see Mariana’s reaction, personally, after the sales start coming in.

I feel like when you make your first sale or group of sales as a first-time startup entrepreneur, or at least for me when I experienced that, it was just like: something clicked. It was like, “Wow, it’s all possible. We just need to sell a thousand of these or a million of these”–it’s exciting.

So, once again, we have the email newsletter, the email lists, the sales page, and the checkout page. We’re using JotForm for this. We’ve actually spent $0 to get all this up and running thus far. And we’ve hosted this on the AutoGrow server, the website.

The final asset in this mini launch funnel is the actual cookbook itself. We decided to work with a designer to make it look really nice. So, I guess we are investing a little bit of money into that, although it’s actually AutoGrow’s designer, so it’s really nothing out-of-pocket, per se. But that’s really the gist of it. Those five assets for this mini launch funnel.

And longer term, this is something that we will continue to sell and it will be a nice tripwire into a membership offer that we will sell in the future as things evolve and grow, and we will keep building out the website and building out the funnel.

Final comments

All right. There you have it. I hope this was interesting and useful to you guys. If you’d like me to continue updating you on not just AutoGrow and our progress with that, but if you’d like me to talk more about Vookies and things I’m learning, and if this video was interesting to you, please leave a comment. Let me know.

Also let me know what you found useful about breaking down the components of this mini launch funnel that I showed you here. That will give me an idea of what I can focus on more in future videos, all right?

So, until next time, my name is Matt Ack in the Matt hat, delivering you your daily dose of Matt Hacks. Keep hustling, stay focused, and go buy a cookbook. Talk to you soon.

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