How I Doubled Our Website Traffic in 30 Days

Wouldn’t we all love results like an increase in traffic by over 100%? Well, it’s far from unrealistic, in fact it’s very doable and in this post I’ll tell you exactly how it was accomplished.

The first thing you need to know is that this is a generic solution, so it can be applied almost universally to any website.

The second thing you need to know is that is only takes one thing in order for this to work for you: consistency. You need to be committed to being consistent about taking the steps I outline below. You can look at is as “hard work” or you can look at in as forming a great habit that will pay huge dividends in the long run.

Finally, don’t worry about being perfect or getting every detail of this right the first time around. This is starting point, you will be able to change, tweak, and evolve this process to suit your needs and your website’s goals over time.

Keeping all that in mind, here’s what you need to to achieve the same or better result for your website:

  1. Set expectations. You will need to repeat this process once per day on weekdays, so that’s 5 times per week. It should take you 1 hour or less so plan accordingly. Plan accordingly. You will be writing articles (blog posts) that will contain information that potential customer will find valuable. Other than these expectations, I will assume that you have a website and access to some blogging software (if not, you can download free blogging software at or setup a blog at
  2. Plan. On a piece of paper or white board draw out a wide rectangle and break it into 5 boxes. Label each box Monday through Friday. In each box, write down a theme idea for the day. For example, some of mine are “How-To Tuesdays” and “Work Example Wednesdays” (when we show of an example of something that we’ve been working on). This isn’t written in stone, so don’t waste too much time on this step. You can always change it later.
  3. Start. Start writing now or start tomorrow, but in order to get anything done you must first start. Dreaming is easy, but accomplishment requires some effort. Begin by writing your first blog post immediate.
  4. Limit. Limit the article to 300-500 words.
  5. Guidelines. Remember this is about writing something that will be valuable to your reader who might be a potential customer or referral source. Include links to any external ideas that you’re referencing that are relevant (e.g. a Wikipedia page). Also, with each post, include a picture at the top. People are visual and a picture will help to grab their interest. You can find pictures to use for free for commercial use selecting that option when searching on or Google Image Search.
  6. Title is key. Having a great title (the “hook”) is essential to attracting anyone’s interest. In terms of importance, it’s higher than any picture or any of the written content. For examples of titles that work check out CopyBlogger.
  7. Hit publish. Don’t be a perfectionist. Proof read it once or twice, but then hit the publish button. It might not be perfect at first, but you’ll keep improving with time and repeated practice.
  8. Promotion! I recommend that (if you don’t already) you should setup accounts on Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook (and a Facebook page especially), and LinkedIn. Once you’ve done so copy the link to your new blog post and paste it into your status update for each social network (Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn). Include the title to the left of the link. Optionally, on Twitter you can include hash tags to help people searching for related conversation topics to find your content (for example: “How 1 Short Sentence Can Make or Break Your Business — #marketing #eship #startups”).  With the Stumbleupon toolbar, all you have to do is click the thumbs up icon, select the categories it falls under and include a review (I just paste in the first few sentences of the blog post normally).
  9. Relax. Good work, you’re done for today. If you have extra time, consider finding others in your industry and asking for feedback on your blog post by tweeting or messaging them the link. Don’t be a spammer though.
  10. Evaluate and revise. If you’re like me you’ll probably watch how this affects your traffic on a daily basis. Either way, watch your traffic stats (I recommend Google Analytics to start, embed it at the bottom of every page that you want to track). Observe what posts or days you get the highest traffic and revise your this process to better suit what works well for you.

If you need some encouragement or an idea of what kind of results you can expect, check out the results my efforts produced by following this exact same formula  over the course of four weeks.

If you’re already using a process similar to this, what kind of results are you seeing?

How do you think the above framework could be improved in order to maximize results?

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