Do You Know What Today Is? October 21st, 2015 Is Very Important


Back to the Future Day has finally arrived! We’ve only been waiting for this since 1989…

In “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in “Back to the Future’s” 1985.

The plot gets tangled — by fixing one thing, McFly and Doc Brown (and the villainous Biff Tannen) create a number of new messes.


Well, this future day is finally present and no, we still don’t have hoverboards, but we can still enjoy the movies and what they did get right about 2015.

Today you should sit back, relax, and stream the movies right at your desk – it’s practically a national holiday so no way will you get in trouble.

If you’re trying to be a good influence in front of your employees, in front of your colleges, or in front of your boss then maybe wait until you get home and INSTEAD focus on this checklist for planning for the future…it’s not that far away…

Here are 3 tips to help you plan for your future:

1.Don’t be afraid to visualize the future.

Have an idea of what you want, what you’re working towards, and where you want to be.

Give your vision feasible end points.

Think of realistic situations in which you can see success.

“I want my website to generate this much traffic and make this amount of money this year.”

Create a vision of success that fits the potential scale of your company so you can set realistic goals, but visualize, nonetheless.

2. Create your map, road by road.

You need to set tasks, goals, and milestones along the way to keep you moving in the right direction.

Will any idea have just one set path? Probably not.

In fact, it’s smart to plan through a couple of ‘what if’ situations. Set some steps and goals for these situations.

3. Be ready to visualize and plan, AGAIN.

If someone says, “everything is going according to plan,” they are most likely fabricating the truth.

Prepare for road blocks and obstacles – these things will happen, so be wary.

Always be prepared to create new steps, set new goals, and possibly change your vision. Always be thinking in terms of process and don’t be afraid of goal changes.

Planning for the future helps set you and your business up for success.

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How are you celebrating Back to The Future Day today? Let us know in the comments. Did you find these 3 tips helpful for future planning?

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