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  • 35 Creative Social Media Campaign Examples You Can Copy

    When it comes to your marketing funnel, social media can be a vital source for fresh traffic and leads. And while you probably already have a social media presence… Is it really driving you traffic? For us, the simple answer is… NOPE, not really! Our website, AutoGrow, has been great at generating tons of organic
  • 7 Tips to Increase Sales and Exposure with Instagram Stories

    There are so many active users on Instagram Stories, it’s probably easier to count how many people aren’t using it. These disappearing videos had humble beginnings back in 2016, but now have a solid viewership of 400 million. (That’s twice Snapchat’s meager 191 million, but no biggie.) This makes Stories an obvious choice for brands
  • Why You Shouldn’t Always Listen to the A/B Testing Enthusiasts

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video. Who’s giving you advice that you MUST be A/B testing? Remember that A/B testing requires that you already have a big following Try using chat widgets or surveys instead You see it all the time. People screaming at the top of their lungs, saying,
  • ROUND UP: What’s Working for SEO in 2018? 6 Experts Weigh-In

    A few weeks ago, I answered a question from a student of our funnel training who wanted to know how to rank a single blog post for multiple keywords. My response? At AutoGrow, we don’t try to rank a page for multiple keywords — we only choose one. When you write naturally, with your target market in mind, you don’t

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