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  • How To Make Your Copy More Persuasive: 13 Easy Tips

    Many people excel at persuading others through verbal communication. But as a freelance copywriter, you know all too well how persuading people through writing is an entirely different beast. Because people can just leave your website. They can ignore your Facebook ad. Or they can just not open your email. Essentially, they can be more
  • 15 Crafty Tips for Writing High-Quality Copy for Your Clients

    As advertising tycoon David Ogilvy famously stated, “Copy is not written—copy is assembled.” But how do you assemble high-quality copy work? You know, like Optimus-Prime-status assembly, with all the bells and whistles that put your freelancing clients into a state of awe. No fluffy language. No jargon. Just smooth sailin’ copy that flows like butter
  • 13 Genius Tips to Get More Freelancing Clients

    Building a stellar profile as a freelancer can start to feel like a bit of a pipe dream after a while… 💭 Book clients, they said. Work for yourself, they said. It’ll be great, they said. But let’s be real. It takes some time—and effort—to establish yourself in your niche and build a solid foundation
  • Top 13 Fonts for Graphic Design & Websites

    We all know graphics are striking (and fun to look at!) But, what about fonts? Think about it… When someone visits your website, not only do they care about graphics, they also read carefully through the text! The text is where the reader finds information. So while creating content for your website, landing page, or

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