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  • How to Get a #1 Spot on Product Hunt (w/ Stuart Brent)

    Editor’s Note: AutoGrow is proud to feature an interview with Stuart Brent, the founder of Startup Resources. Stuart recently landed at the #1 spot at Product Hunt. To learn how he did it, read on! Matt: Hi, my name is Matt Ackerson. I’m the founder of AutoGrow. AutoGrow,we are your strategic sales funnel partner on
  • Stressed Out? Here are 7 Actionable Tips to Keep Stress In Check While Growing Your Business

    On Saturday morning I went running with a close friend whom is in the process of starting up his first business. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, not too hot out, with high 70’s. My friend and I made our way through a suburban neighborhood, picking up distance by turning down side streets. After we
  • How to Create a Fast, Efficient Hiring Process (Without Hurting Quality)

    The other night, I was doing some light planning for our implementation of Fuild (our wicked fast, custom web development process). I reviewed an old flow chart of the system as I listed down key features. At the end of this session though, I thought to myself, to get the process going, what are the
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Startups

        Genuine Honesty: Being honest doesn’t just mean telling the truth, it means being genuinely true to what you believe in and who you are. Look at a company like Wufoo. They’ve differentiated their product from others in part by adding a visual theme to their site so that you feel more like a

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