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  • What is Persuasion Marketing? (2,000 people want to know)

      As humans, we don’t make rational decisions when it comes to buying. We are so influenced by context, our own history, neurochemistry—even the color of a button. In marketing, you can either make rational appeals to persuade, using logic, or irrational appeals, like an urgent 24-hour-only offer—or even social proof. Persuasion marketing, therefore, is
  • How to Map Out Your Sales Funnel with Google Drawings

      Listen-on-the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. Today, I’m discussing Google Drawings, an underutilized tool that’s ideal for mapping out your funnel. By visually identifying funnel bottlenecks and other areas of weakness, you can make improvements. How’s it going? Matt here again, the founder of, for another episode of Matt Hacks, where
  • Are You Making This Rookie Mistake in Your Sales Copy? I Was (Even When I Thought I Wasn’t)

      Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. In this video, I explain a single rookie mistake that’s easily rectified once you know you’re doing it. Read on for a great tactic for connecting and strengthening your bond with your customers. Hello, everyone. My name is Matt Ackerson. I’m the founder of
  • [Tutorial] How to Come Up with Your First Tripwire Idea

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. makes an extra $9,000 per year right now with one simple tripwire idea. This article includes easy-to-follow ideas for generating your own money-making tripwire. What’s up everyone? Welcome to another edition of 10-Minute #MattHacks, where in 10 minutes or less, I …

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