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  • How to Transform Your Info Product Idea Into Revenue Reality

    I sold my first info product for only $19. And while I didn’t get rich from it, I did learn some pretty important lessons. Lessons like why you have got to do some research up front (before you even put your pencil to the paper).  Or why it’s key to figure out what you want
  • How to Price Anchor Your Service (An Example for Nutritionists)

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video. In today’s Matt Hack, I answer a question from the owner of a nutritional consultation service How can he price anchor without comparing himself to the competition? Hi, guys. How are you? I’m Matt Ackerson, the founder of In this video, I’m answering
  • How to Create Your 1st Mini Product Launch Funnel

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video. Creating a mini launch funnel is a great way to get started with the basics of the sales funnel I’ll be using my side gig with Mariana, our startup cookie company, as an example for this and future videos Hey, guys. How’s it going? Matt
  • The Art of Persuasion (with Price Anchoring)

     Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video. Price anchoring gives real monetary value to products or services, which serves as a successful persuasion tactic You can use these persuasion tactics in your landing pages, emails, and in-person negotiations Hey, guys. Matt Ackerson here, the founder of, as you may already

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