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  • Agencies: Boost Sales by 21% W/ These 7 Visual Persuasion Examples

    It’s no secret that simple visuals like ❤️ are important for marketing because… when was the last time you were persuaded to buy by a boring block of black and white text? Serious question (The answer is: never ) But putting visuals into action is a lot more tricky than it sounds… If you’ve been
  • How To Handle 11 Common B2B Sales Objections You Dread 😟

    Closing a deal is tough work. From generating leads to coming up with a personalized script, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the sales process. And just when you think it’s all about to pay off, your prospect gets flaky. You know, there’s always some sort of objection for not
  • 13 Personalized Marketing Examples To Dazzle Your Clients 👍

    Jane is a 38-year-old mom looking to lose some weight. And John is a 56-year-old man who wants to prevent hair loss. Both of them click on an ad from health coach Andy. Each lands on the same exact page that briefly talks about what Andy does before directing them to book a call. Although
  • 11 Best Practices for Using LinkedIn to Generate B2B Sales

    So you have the ideal B2B buyer persona in mind. Now you need to somehow find this individual. But where do you go? Twitter? Cold calls? Email? Well, those are a few options. But what if you just use LinkedIn? According to its website, there are 774+ million users on the professional networking platform. And

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