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  • 9 Proven Ways To Apply AI to Your Marketing (+ Examples)

      Artificial intelligence is an absolute game-changer in the world of marketing. At first, marketers were a little skeptical about its application, so it took a while for it to take off. But boy, has it taken off. Between 2018 and now, the AI software market has grown by 407.6%, according to Statista. In 2025,
  • 13 Personalized Marketing Examples To Dazzle Your Clients 👍

    Jane is a 38-year-old mom looking to lose some weight. And John is a 56-year-old man who wants to prevent hair loss. Both of them click on an ad from health coach Andy. Each lands on the same exact page that briefly talks about what Andy does before directing them to book a call. Although
  • 5 Unconventional Marketing Techniques You Should Implement Immediately

    Image credit to Next TwentyEight on FlickrMarketing is more than meets the eye. It’s not just advertisements and social media campaigns. There are a lot of different, subtle ways to create brand awareness and drive sales. Many are far less costly than an advertising campaign. We’re here to talk about some of the more unconventional means of marketing, including some things you
  • 6 Marketing Mistakes from Big Companies (And How You Can Avoid These Blunders)

    If you’ve been marketing for any amount of time, then you’ve likely made a few mistakes. You should be prepared to learn from your mistakes, though, as you discover more about your audience and what works for them. However, if your marketing mistake is big enough, it can mean catastrophe for your brand and your

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