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The Complete Guide to Improving Clicks on Your CTA Buttons

Generating leads on auto-pilot isn’t as easy as it used to be. The days of slapping a templated page and expecting hordes of people to sign up are gone. In fact, an irrelevant offer can drive away most if not all visitors.  At other times visitors may have been teetering on the verge of conversion but since ...

How to Optimize Your Contact Page For Better Conversion

Just picture this:

You come to a website. You read their blog, visit their landing page, and even check what they say in "About us" section. Hmm, it's interesting. Why not say hi, get to know them better, or even buy from them?

It's a go!

You click "Contact Us" and...

Hrmph... It's definitely not what you expected.

"They want ...

11 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Client Leads (For Beginners)

Did you know an average online user is swarmed with 11,250 ads every month? That’s a huge number! With a stiff competition going around, finding fresh, smart and creative ways for lead generation can be challenging.

Lead generation boosts a company’s survival in the long run. And failing to do so may lead to serious ...

5 Advanced Google Ads Techniques (to Generate More Leads)

Have you worked with Google Ads to generate leads but had your campaign fall short?

Does it feel like you spend a lot on ads and don’t get a big ROI?

Do you feel like maybe Google Ads are just not the way to go anymore?

We get it. We’ve been there and so have many of our ...