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  • What is a USP? How 1 Sentence Can Make or Break Your Business

    header_whatisusp-3Imagine this. . . . You’re in a marketplace in an old city. You’re perched on top of a building. Looking down, you see a giant herd of people browsing the marketplace. Armed with only a megaphone, you have one shot to get their attention and entice them to visit your booth on the far
  • How to Convince Strangers to Trust You Enough to Buy From You

    trustJohn Gottman laid in bed alone one night. He was close the end of his mystery novel. He wanted to find out who the killer was, but before he finished he walked into the bathroom and saw his wife’s face in the mirror. She looked sad, and in that moment, John had a choice. He could go
  • How to Close Deals in Person-to-Person Sales [VIDEO]

    Slimy sales guy legosThe first time I sold something I was 19. I was going door-to-door selling digital coupon advertising on a pay-per-click basis. At first I was too shy to ask for payment upfront so I delayed that part of the process by about… 4 months and called it a “free trial.” Fast forward and my first
  • 7 Critical Marketing Steps for Converting Visitors into Paying Customers

    I’ve learned many lessons since I started my first business at the age of 19. But in the last twelve months I’ve learned even more about how to properly setup a marketing system. For your own business it’s important to understand how the end-to-end big picture works: how you find prospects (potential customers), convert some

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