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  • 15 Easy Strategies To Increase E-commerce Website Visitors 🙌

    Your website is the backbone of your e-commerce business. It’s where consumers will draw judgment of your value to them. Moreover, it’s where they’ll sign up for your services or purchase your products. According to Think with Google, 53% of shoppers always do research before buying anything. So this is your chance to be discovered
  • Rank Higher in Google with One Small Change to Your Server

      Hello everyone and welcome to another five-minute Matt Hack, where I tell you it’s going to be five minutes and it turns out to be about nine minutes. I’m working on that 🙂 In today’s tip, I want to talk about how to speed up your website so you can get more traffic and page views. You can also retain people
  • How to Get 100,000+ Organic Facebook Likes Without Spending Money on Ads

    I’ve always had a bias against social media. Until a few years ago, I hadn’t thought of it as a “real” marketing channel. I’m now certainly convinced of the opposite. Back in 2014, I contacted my friend Lawrence Watkins of Great Black Speakers because I was in awe of his success on Facebook. Back then,
  • Marketing Questions You Need To Ask – Before It’s Too Late

    No one has all the answers, but here are all the questions that every marketing superstar should consider! These are the questions that will gauge the success of your current marketing efforts and decide how those efforts should evolve moving forward. Perhaps in a particularly taxing semester of high school biology you thought about what

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