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  • Why Should You Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency?

    Seeing your marketing efforts finally pay off is always an exciting feeling. Isn’t it? After all the research, the edits, the late nights banging your head against the wall… Heck, you deserve to enjoy it! I know that feeling… An uptick in lead generation that drives traffic to your website can be exhilarating. But that
  • 11 Smart Recruiting Strategies That Work Every Time

    Have you ever heard of horse betting? 🐎 This is when you bet money on a horse, and if that horse comes in first place, then you win the bet. As the horses race (and so does your heart), you’re praying for the one horse you bet on to be the winner—so you don’t lose money
  • How to Create a Perfect Email Recruiting Template

    How many quarterly, monthly, or even weekly recruiting emails do you send to your email list to recruit new hires?… Uh huh… Uh huh (nods head solemnly) 😶. And how many applicants actually end up applying to your job openings? Hmmm, that’s what I thought… 😳. After perfecting our hiring funnel, I can now reveal
  • 23 Questions for Recruiters’ Interviews to Hire Great Talent

    86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates during the coronavirus outbreak according to a survey by Gartner. As data shows, virtual interviews are your ticket to attracting great talent during the Corona Age. But coming up with the right recruiters’ interview questions to make the best hiring decisions for your business? Well,

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