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  • Growth Report—September 2016: Revenue Up Nearly 90% as Challenges Loom

    header_growthreport-05.jpgI can’t believe it’s been 9 months… 9 months since we launched our monthly done-for-you service. Seems appropriate since babies are conceived and born in the same amount of time. The business has changed a lot in that time. And now is the perfect time to sit down and reflect on the journey thus far. I haven’t
  • Growth Report: How We Made $4,580 in Recurring Revenue For a Brand New Service in 11 Days

    growth reportBy mid-December, I realized that it wasn’t working. Both of our experiments to productize our business were a failure. Something had to change. What was I missing?… Before I decided to write this as a follow-up to my 1st growth report published over a month ago, I thought: What if writing this is a distraction? What if people think
  • Growth Report #1 – Let’s do this. Launch Day. Figuring Stuff Out…

    growth reportAll right, let’s do this. This is my first weekly report which I will be writing until we hit our short term goal of 30 paying customers for our WordPress support packages. Below I’m giving a broad overview of where we I am on this journey. I hope you learn something good from this process
  • Growth Report – March 2014

    Greetings, and I hope you enjoy this second ever AutoGrow monthly growth report for March 2014. My goal is to build a business that can grow with a certain level of predictability and consistency. To do that, I’m focused daily on what I can actually measure through our online marketing efforts, i.e. social media following,

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