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  • Growth Report August 2019: Growing Revenue By 30%

      (Watch, Read, or Download the Audio File Here) “Don’t bury the lead! Don’t bury the lead!” as the saying goes when writing any news article. The “lead” (headline) from last month’s growth would be that we grew AutoGrow’s revenue by 30% and broke $20,000 in sales. Launching Our App On the very last business
  • Episode 2 — July 2019 Growth Report

    As I write this, my team and I are 9 weeks into this new journey we started at the beginning of June. For those who don’t know, I recently relaunched AutoGrow’s productized Done-For-You service. The “destination” we’re headed for is getting clearer every day. Our short-term vision is to build a scalable service to help
  • The June 2019 Growth Report: Relaunching Our Productized Funnel Service

      (Watch, Read, or Download the Audio File Here) This last year has been critical for AutoGrow and founder Matt Ackerson. Since our last growth report 6 months ago, Matt has learned some crucial lessons that made him take the business in a new direction. Recently, the company relaunched AutoGrow’s Done-For-You Sales Funnel Service. And
  • Revenue UP 22%, but can we continue the trend?

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. In this month’s AutoGrowth report, I discuss how we were able to increase revenue by 22%. Also in this video is the importance of stopping, reassessing your systems, and making a change if necessary to drive better results. Matt: Hello. This is the growth report

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