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  • What is GDPR – And What Can Marketers Do to be in Compliance in 2018?

    Everyone is talking about the GDPR – and for good reason. As of May 25th, 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became law for anyone doing business in the EU. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t matter if your company is based there or not. If there is any possibility (no matter how remote)
  • Revenue UP 22%, but can we continue the trend?

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. In this month’s AutoGrowth report, I discuss how we were able to increase revenue by 22%. Also in this video is the importance of stopping, reassessing your systems, and making a change if necessary to drive better results. Matt: Hello. This is the growth report
  • AutoGrow’s 2017 Year-End Review: Revenue, Successes, Lessons Learned and the Future

    2017 was AutoGrow’s best year of revenue to date. We experienced a lot of successes, tasted a few failures and learned a lot along the way. That’s why I’m proud to introduce our first Year-End Review. In this post, I will delve into the projects that brought in revenue in 2017, review areas where we succeeded,

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