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  • Best Review Sites for Companies in B2B Commerce 👈

    Brand reputation management is one of those aspects of running a business that doesn’t always get enough respect. With only so much time to carry out all your company projects, it’s easy to forget about managing feedback you get from your B2B customers. But not investing in brand reputation is a major mistake. Your average
  • 7 Great Examples of Responding to Bad Reviews 👀

    As annoying as it is to deal with, every company must respond to bad online reviews. You can’t hide from them. Because if you do, other consumers will lose faith in you. Have you ever had those customers that are unforgivingly cruel? And the written reviews that they leave are completely exaggerated? Or maybe they’re
  • The Best Example of Customer Appreciation I’ve Ever Seen

    Yesterday I recieved a mysterious box in the mail from an unknown sender. It was addressed directly to me. “Have I ordered anything recently?” I wondered to myself. Nope… (My curiosity increased). I walked inside and showed the box my business partner. “What was in this mystery box?” we were not both wondering as I

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