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  • How To Write a Content Brief: Tips and Tricks

    How To Write a Content Brief in 5 Simple Steps [2023] Hiring a writer and getting content that fits your needs sounds amazing, right? I run two websites and quickly learned that I couldn’t do everything myself. As a content creator on a tight budget, I had to learn how to write a content brief
  • How to Use Microcopy to Increase Your Agency’s Conversions

    Are you losing conversions and can’t figure out why? When your funnel is failing to perform up to your expectations, finding the culprit is like finding a needle in a haystack . And if you’ve gone through tweaking your clients’: Design (Is the color contrast making people not click?) Headlines (Is our copy clear enough
  • Easy Copywriting Tweak to Grow Your Lead Bookings

    Agency Tip #1 – Easy Copywriting Tweak to Grow Your Lead Bookings Matt Ackerson here, founder of I’ve been working with agencies for over a decade and repeatedly hear the same problem: they can’t convert enough people to book a consultation. So, I decided to make a video detailing the number one way agencies
  • 13 Easy Tips for Freelancers To Make Persuasive Copy

    Many people excel at persuading others through verbal communication. But as a freelance copywriter, you know all too well how persuading people through writing is an entirely different beast. Because people can just leave your website. They can ignore your Facebook ad. Or they can just not open your email. Essentially, they can be more

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