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  • 13 Data-Packed Conversion Design Tactics for Landing Pages

    Ever looked at your landing pages with frustration? Ever wished your landing pages could be actually converting? Have you wanted to yell at your laptop because the darn landing pages you’ve sunk thousands of hours (and dollars) to publish aren’t working? Sound familiar? Back in 2015 when we launched a much more basic version of
  • 11 Pricing Page Examples of Productized Services to Copy

    “All roads lead to Rome.” Have you heard that ancient saying? It refers to Rome being the point of convergence of all the main roads of the Roman Empire. And in digital marketing, it means the exact same thing. Rome is your pricing page. And your landing pages (and all of their elements—CTA buttons, copy,
  • 4 Sales Funnel Problems to Avoid Before Launch: The Evil 5%

    One of my all-time favorite cartoons is Dragon Ball Z. What I loved (and hated) about this anime is what I call the “Final Form” hook. You see, every supervillain in the show followed the exact same pattern. They’d cause havoc all over the world until the hero took a stand. And then, cue the epic battle. There was armor tearing, muscle flexing, lots
  • 7 Proven & Time-Tested Copywriting Formulas to Convert Leads

    Writing high-converting copy is a lot like building with Legos.  You can completely ignore that fat book of instructions inside your box set of Legos.  You can pour out all the pieces and try to figure out on your own how the heck all of those blocks are supposed to turn into the Millenium Falcon. 

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