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  • SEO vs. AI: The Future of Search Dominance Unveiled In 5 Facts

    “I’m a savage.” “… A killer.” “… A warrior poet able to dominate Google rankings ” If you’re weird like me, maybe you psych yourself for growing your business with such random phrases crossing your mind. But psyching yourself up for work, is wasted energy if you’re building your marketing machine on quicksand—in the age
  • Funnel Drift Defined: A Silent Conversion Killer Costing You Big $

      Imagine you have a loaded (metaphorical) gun. You hold it in your hand, it’s light, cool to the touch. Now you look down at your foot. “Hello foot, you look nice and functional, good for walking and such,” you say casually as you aim the gun at your foot. And you know what happens
  • The Retargeting Revolution: Making Ads That Convert

      You know that your ideal customers visit your site, go through your pages, and… Somehow, poof! They vanish. “Well, not everyone buys,” you might be thinking. True. But there might be A LOT more people who were closer to making that purchase than you realize. All they need is someone to reach out to
  • How To Stop Relying on Vanity Metrics in Digital Marketing

    Have you ever seen a statistic or metric on an advertisement and thought to yourself, “There’s no way that’s real”? Or maybe, more importantly—“Who cares?” From claims of being 99% natural (What defines “natural”? How do you calculate that? ) to having over 1,000,000 customers served, metrics are used everywhere to help convince customers, stakeholders,

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