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  • Want to Instantly Convert More in Your Sales Funnel? Steal My “Salty Foot” Formula

    Have you ever needed to do something for yourself, but you just kept putting it off? A few months ago, I got out of a serious relationship. Although it’s winter here in New York, and fresh snow is on the ground, I’ve taken up long distance running as a form of therapy. Unfortunately, running long distance
  • What is Social Proof? (And Examples Of How It Can Grow Your Sales Up To 400%)

    Think of your favorite restaurant. When you go there, do you almost always order the same thing? If you’re like me, you do. After all, you don’t really go for the restaurant itself, you go for that favorite dish. Because you know it’ll be delicious. That’s how it is with me and podcasts. Mixergy is
  • Years of Studying Funnel Conversion and it Comes Down to This

    studyingconversionI was in my freshman English college class when I read an essay by Mark Twain. In it, he wrote about his time piloting a ferry up and down the Mississippi River. He mentioned how he had come into the job with little to no prior knowledge. He didn’t understand the currents of the river
  • 4 Ways to Use Human Faces to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

    header_facesHave you ever “watched” your own brain? Weird question, I know—but think about it. The next time you’re reading a blog post somewhere—even this one—check-in with your brain every couple of sentences. What images are being painted on the canvas of your imagination? Did you just see a picture of a painter’s canvas? The other

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