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  • How Do You Convert Your Blog Traffic in to Sales?

    How-to-Convert-Website-traffic-into-Paying-Customers[1] I’m pumped. But before I tell you why I’m pumped, let’s start with the question at hand. Everyone knows that traffic to your business’ website is good because it somehow (magically) leads to you making more money. Right? Traffic is a measure of how much reach and awareness you have. So who wouldn’t want
  • What is the Best Predictor of Traffic Growth with Content Marketing?

    06292012_fortune_teller[1]Ever been to a networking event? Of course you have. In 2010 after AutoGrow was launched I joined a local BNI (Business Networking International) networking group. Every Thursday I would wake up at 5 AM and drive down to the local diner on Long Island where the networking breakfast was held. One time some one
  • Why Mechanical Turk is the Best Market Research tool You’re Not Using

    Mechanical TurkA lot of people have no idea what Mechanical Turk is, which is a shame, because it’s quite possibly the best market research tool that you’ve never heard of. I don’t feel like I’m just part of the choir singing the praises of Mechanical Turk, but more like the preacher behind the pulpit. I tell other
  • How Does Content Quantity Increase Your Traffic? A Data-Driven Answer

    quantity-contentThe most visited sites on the web today all have one thing in common. This includes Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Yelp, among others. It’s not good design, or any special product or feature. It’s much more basic than that. The one overarching thing they all have in common is the massive amount of content they all produce.

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