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  • “Be willing to do what other people are not.” (How to Gain An ‘Edge’ in Growing Your Traffic)

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video. How to gain a long-term competitive edge with your content marketing The “anti-conversion” funnel of work (and how to make it work for you) 3 easy-to-implement marketing “levers” Hey, guys. How are you? Matt Ackerson here, the founder of It’s a beautiful day
  • How to Organize Your Content Creation Process for Maximum Conversion

    We know “content is king”. We get it. We’ve heard it a million times.   What we don’t hear so often are the actual tried and true techniques to systematize our content creation. Let’s face it, we’ve all had that vision of running an awesome blog. Maybe it’s personal, or maybe it’s to enhance our
  • [Question] How Do You Rank One Blog Post for So Many Keywords?

    Listen on the go by downloading the audio of today’s video here. Today, Matt answers a question from a student of the Six Figure Sales Funnel Training and Sales Funnel Blueprint about ranking a blog post for a multitude of keywords. The question refers to an AutoGrow blog post from 2010. See how Matt has rewritten it
  • 10 Pros Share Their Best Hacks for Creating Explosive Content

    You probably have a daily or weekly routine you follow for creating content that (you hope) will drive traffic. The problem is, it can feel like trying to hit a target in a dark room. As part of our content marketing process, my team and I have a weekly brainstorming session. We generate ideas based on

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