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  • Supercharge Your Content With These 9 Voice Search Tips 🔋

    Voice search is a hot topic these days. With Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana becoming household names, it’s important to make sure your website is up to date with voice search optimization (VSO) best practices. Voice search will soon be the dominant way that people interact with their devices. Just think about how quickly
  • 101 Effective Ways to Promote Your Content in 2020

    Content marketing is like a car. They aren’t just shiny objects parked in your driveway (or blog) waiting to be driven (or seen, read, or shared by 1,000’s of people). Nope. You need to push the start button in both in order to get them going. Because your content is the fuel for your sales
  • 8 Common Social Media Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

    Social media marketing is no longer an option–it’s a necessity. With over 2.3 billion people worldwide having social media accounts, it has become a primary venue for brands to connect with their audiences. The trick, of course, is to do it right. Today’s consumer is savvy, opposed to direct selling of products and services, and
  • How To Use Anchor Text To Get Noticed By Google (And Bring In More Leads)

    Anchor text. You know, the underlined words that make up a text link. Maybe you think you’re doing everything you can to use it effectively. I know I used to think so—I’d insert links in my articles here and there, within a sentence where I thought it made sense. I’ve linked to a generic “click

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