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  • Dodge Bad Hires with 11 Smart Industrial-Organizational Psychology Tips ❌

    To anyone who’s a war film buff, you’re probably familiar with Terrence Malick’s WW2 drama, The Thin Red Line(1998). About halfway through the movie, Captain Staros disobeys orders from Lieutenant Colonel Tall, played by the great Nick Nolte.   His orders are to take a Japanese hill. But Staros refuses. Instead, he decides that a flank
  • Agencies 📣: Stand Out on Social Media w/ These 13 Strategies

      Remember Myspace? You know, the O.G. social media platform where you customize your profile with all sorts of randomness and/or use it to talk to your crush. The site had 100’s of millions of users at its peak. But Myspace is ancient history, thanks to Facebook. Shockingly, Myspace still has just shy of 10
  • How to Grow Your Agency’s Client Roster [13 Sales Strategies]

    I remember a professor of mine told me years ago in business school how sales and marketing teams often despise one another… Each simply thinks that they reign supreme. But I’m here to tell you that when trying to close a client for your agency, you must excel in both departments. And if you run
  • 7 Agency Website Designs You Can Find Inspiration From

    Remember show-and-tell when you were little? You’d bring one of your newest Ninja Turtles to school or maybe your favorite Mighty Murphy Power Rangers. You’d stand in front of a crowd of classmates eager to see what you were about to show… Then, you’d take your coolest toy ever from your backpack and reveal it

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