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  • 21 Mobile Marketing Stats Your Agency Must Know for 2022

    Remember the old days when if you wanted to buy something, you had to actually get in a car and drive to a store? But with the mass adoption of mobile devices around the world, companies make it easy for consumers to take out their phone and click a button to make a purchase. And
  • 17 Ultimate Ways to Segment Your Client’s Audience 😎

    Just the other day, I received a push notification from my car’s manufacturer. It read, “For our educators….get 10% off.” I’m thinking “Why are they sending me this? I’m not an educator.” And then it dawned on me. This company clearly doesn’t have an established segmentation strategy. Without segmentation, your marketing is in disarray. Equally
  • 11 Proven PPC Ad Strategies That Your Agency Should Use

    Do you have that friend who’s convinced that advertisers are listening in on their conversations through their devices? Apparently, your friends think that’s how our advertising campaigns work. Although it can be amusing, it’s also sad that our friends think we’re so unimaginative. I’m not an eavesdropper. Neither are you. Instead, our pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Agencies 📣: Stand Out on Social Media w/ These 13 Strategies

      Remember Myspace? You know, the O.G. social media platform where you customize your profile with all sorts of randomness and/or use it to talk to your crush. The site had 100’s of millions of users at its peak. But Myspace is ancient history, thanks to Facebook. Shockingly, Myspace still has just shy of 10

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